Asmongold explains why he will never'sell out' and do gambling Streams

Asmongold explains why he will never'sell out' and do gambling Streams ...

Despite previously condemning xQc and promising to never return to gambling on Twitch, a broader conversation sparked by the morality of streaming gambling, as well as the possibility of permitting gambling streams on Twitch. In a recent broadcast, Twitch streamer Asmongold offered his own thoughts on the subject.

Asmongold has been particularly critical of gambling broadcasts in the past, making him one of the most prominent voices on the platform urging Twitch to modify its rules regarding sponsored gambling streams. During a recent stream, Asmongold was asked why he was not interested in taking a gambling sponsorship. Even if a sponsor offered "$20 million per month," the reaction was made.

Surprisingly, Asmongold''s reason for refusing to participate in a gambling sponsorship isn''t idealistic, despite his prior public views on the subject. Instead, his view is driven by business decisions, or as Asmongold puts it, his "ego." That means that his goal is to maintain his reputation as a streamer and business owner to ensure his future success.

He doesn''t express it explicitly, but Asmongold associates gambling streams with moral judgment. Specifically, he claims that doing a sponsored gambling Twitch stream would hurt his reputation, even if he does not investigate why he feels that way in this stream. It''s an odd framing for someone who has previously expressed their concerns about gambling streams.

Punctuating Asmongold''s newfound tolerance towards gambling streams, the Twitch streamer says gambling is "not bad content." This track follows Asmongold''s recent defense of xQc, in which he said, "don''t hate the player, hate the game," and then suggests that gambling should be illegal if so many people were "malding."

Asmongold''s position on gambling streams is perhaps less clear than previously. Even in instances where wealthy and admitted gambling users like xQc are participating, he refuses to condemn other streamers for it. However, asmongold does appear open to - if not supportive of - Twitch or government-based gambling regulation to one degree or another. It''s and remains, a complex issue.