Kaido's Past and Flashback, Explained in One Piece

Kaido's Past and Flashback, Explained in One Piece ...

The Straw Hat Pirates and Luffy finally took on their first big step on the grand stage, overcoming one of the Four Emperors of the Sea, Kaido. Being a Yonko and, most importantly, the strongest adversary Luffy faced until this point, it was expected of him to establish himself as an incredible character as did Doflamingo, who is widely recognized to be one of the best, if not the best antagonists of the whole series.

Kaido became known as one of the very best antagonists in One Piece before his defeat at Luffy''s disposal. For some, Kaido was easily the greatest antagonist that the story had achieved at this point already, however, for others, Kaido needed a bit more to make himself one of the very best players in the game. Soon after, Kaido''s flashback arrived in One Piece 1049, shortly before his defeat at Monkey D. Luffy.

Kaido''''s Harsh Childhood

In his flashback, Oda introduced the then-young Oni as a 10-year-old who was afraid to leave the country, but he waited till the day when he was allowed to fight and eat. However, he escaped the shackles once more, claiming that he was capable of competing with the Marines. Soon afterwards, the Rocks'' crew died.

Kaido had established himself as an exceptional pirate during this time, leading everyone who saw him to stand up for him. Eventually, the Pirates entered God Valley, where they attacked the Celestial Dragons, and they managed to defeat Captain Rocks. At the same time, the Pirates and the Marines separated from each other, mostly because of their infighting skills. On this day, Kaido ate his Mythical Zoan Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryu.

Kaido''''s Rise To The Pinnacle Of Piracy

After the events of the God Valley incident, Kaido was captured again by the Marines on his own whim. At some point, he was finally freeing King alongside himself and recruited him as the first member of his crew. After the event, Kaido was already known as the Embodiment of Strength, meaning he was already an exceptionally powerful pirate by this time. On Higurashi''s suggestion, he approached Wano Country to get weapons and seize power once and for all.

Aside from his many actions over the course of the story, Kaido found peace in his ability to be capable of winning prizes and even by selling it.

Kaido proceeded to fight Oden in a battle that he gained thanks to Higurashi''s help and, on the other hand, acquired his desire of settling into Wano Country. According to Yamato, Oden wanted to be defeated by Joyboy, and after waiting for long and building his strength up to the point where he became the greatest player, he waited until the day when Joyboy would come to Wano and eventually defeat him.

Monkey D. Luffy''s desire was granted to him in the Wano Country arc when he promised to create a world where no of his friends would ever starve. Luffy became Joyboy when he defeated Kaido and finally gave the Yonko what his heart wanted for so long. Despite his success, he continued to be an incredible antagonist and will go down as one of the best One Piece''s so far.