How To Complete Training As Quickly As Possible In PUBG

How To Complete Training As Quickly As Possible In PUBG ...

Battle royales have certainly altered games and those who play them. They''ve increased players'' tactical, rely more on teammates, and have also increased their involvement in the game. PUBG is now one of the first battle royals to popularize the genre at the same time. It''s a great time to talk about one of the greatest changesl.

Once PUBG went free-to-play, the training section was only added. However, both new and older players will notice that the training is both unskippable and rather tedious. This guide will help players quickly navigate it and on their way to winning their first or millionth chicken dinner.

Can Players Skip Training?

Sadly, players will not be permitted to skip the training section. PUBG will be available for novices, both new and old players.

Unskippable training may also work against players, especially for experienced gamers who already understand the meta of PUBG and may find it tedious, dispeling them from playing more. Still, doing the training can be beneficial to players, especially compared to other popular royales like Apex Legends, which tend to be more straightforward than PUBG.

Getting Through The Training

The training section in PUBG is tedious, but it''s also difficult to find it. This section is divided into two sections: the A.I. training drills and the A.I. matches with computers.

During any A.I. match, players will need to do the following four things:

  • Get a chicken dinner
  • Get a care package
  • Kill 5 enemies in total
  • Drive a vehicle up to 2,000 miles

These are somewhat straightforward prerequisites, and they make sense. PUBG''s stress that makes it feel like players aren''t making progress. The benefit of playing these games is that being able to dodge obstacles as quickly as possible. Obviously, the players who choose this option should play as aggressively as possible. Fortunately, if they don''t get any kills, they may pick up where they left off rather than reset.

Players doing the A.I. matches can get a better sense of what PUBG is, since it allows them to understand the many maps offered in the game. This is a great way for gamers to play around with their settings to learn what makes them most comfortable for the first match. This can be done in any one way, making it simple to pass.

The first way for PUBG to count a match is for players to get at least one kill, which comes quite easily since all players in the match are A.I. The second way is when players die. Not only does this count towards the ten matches that players require, but it also gives them more freedom. This is especially helpful in allowing players to improve their abilities in the game.

Players Unknown Battlegrounds are now available on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, PC, Stadia, iOS, and Android.