Every Season of 'Family Guy' is ranked from the best to the worst

Every Season of 'Family Guy' is ranked from the best to the worst ...

Family Guy, a television sensation known for reciting pop culture, making fun of celebrities, and its crass humor. Disney+, Hulu, and FOX are all available to viewing.

Family Guy has had its highs and lows in terms of season performance, although this hasn''t deterred fans from the funky series.

Season 17

Season 17 of Family Guy, which spans from 2018 to 2019, premiered with 20 episodes. Meg meets with Donald Trump (Josh Robert Thompson), Lois takes the Marie Kondo method too far, and Brian marries Jess (Casey Wilson) a cancer sufferer. The season, which has been named the worst of Family Guy, is driven by cutaway jokes and themes, and Peter''s misgivings to get through the episodes.

Season 17 has come back to its roots of episodic nature, where no clear narrative appears for the next season, with no noticeable difference generating attention. Despite the fact that it does not allow Meg to screen time more, it is still insignificant and permanent.

Season 12

Season 12 of astray, becoming a parody of what Family Guy used to be. This season, a Quahog-wide treasure hunt, Stewie destroying his time machine, Brian favoring his career over his son, and Cleveland (Mike Henry) and Peter being separated when their wives enter an argument.

Season 12 will always be changed to the most controversial finale episode, "Life Of Brian," which depicts Brian''s death as a result of a vehicle accident. However, viewers were surprised that the humanized dog died in such a dangerous way, but the story was never highlighted. Season 17 encapsulates self-contained episodes rather than developing over time, reminding viewers of Season 1. The season is lacking a freshness, which includes a shock factor over the typical humor it once had.

Season 18

Season 18 shows Quagmires dads (Seth MacFarlane) sex change, Meg pretending to be dead, Peter in a coma, and Principal Shepherd (Gary Cole) moving in with the Griffins after being fired.

The humor takes a back seat, putting a lot of emphasis on pop culture references. While the episodes are creative as always, the approach they end up taking became ineffective in engaging the audience in the traditional Family Guy way.

Season 19

Season 19 included 20 episodes, spanning from 2020 to 2021, with segments such as Stewie saying his first word, Joe (Patrick Warburton) requesting Peter to be his daughters'' godfather, Meg from college, and the Griffin family dealing with Christmas for the first time without Lois.

Family Guy is still struggling with its quality in its subsequent seasons, mainly by breaking the fourth wall, which supporters argue should not happen in the series. The series has evolved into a meta-humor series that offers quite basic and underwhelming political commentary rather than presenting the disgruntled behavior of the Quahog community.

Season 13

Season 13 of Family Guy was televised from 2014 to 2015, with 18 episodes. Following misadventures, such as Lois and Peter opening a cookie store (Breaking Bad style), Jesus (Alec Sulkin) attempting to lose his virginity, Stewie impregnating himself with Brians DNA, and Meg becoming a foot model.

The first episode of Season 13 saw a spooky, fun twist to follow throughout the rest of the episodes. However, the audience quickly realized that Season 13 was in the same downward spiral as the rest of the seasons before it. The audience was concerned about the inconsistent writing and its offensive (but not laughing) humor.

Season 16

The 16th installment of Family Guy was aired from 2017 through 2018, with 20 episodes. Fans follow Quahog, where Brian is outed for posting an offensive tweet, Stewie goes to a psychologist, Peter and the kids join the US Coast Guard, and Chris finds a rare dollar payment given to him by Carter (Seth MacFarlane).

Season 16 stuttered itself as a stray season, teasing fans with excellent episodes such as "HTTPete," then teasing them with episodic plots. On the other hand, it offers viewers character development, less cutaways, and glimmers of the best Family Guy can produce.

Season 15

Season 15 has begun with 20 episodes, including zany scenes like Taylor Swift (Ursula Taherian) agreeing to go to prom with Chris, Lois, and Peter leading an anti-vax movement in Quahog, Quagmire becoming obsessive about dating apps, and Meg joining a roller derby team.

Season 15 is regarded in the same realm within the later half of the series, where audiences are unhappy with the comedic/dark humor/character development trifecta that made Family Guy so popular in its earlier days. It may rediscover character traits that were left behind from the earlier seasons, but it''s overall a hit-and-miss season.

Season 14

Season 14 of the show titled "Secretary" included 20 episodes in total. Some of the show''s highlights include the tension between Peter and Quagmire when Quagmire declares his love for Lois, Stewie becoming a star thanks to a peanut butter commercial, Chris becoming subject to a homecoming prank, and Brian and Stewie travelling to India to meet Brian''s latest love interest.

Season 14 of the series is in a state of change. Even when trying to alleviate issues such as substance dependency for children with ADHD for parental ease, it does not have the same impact without shady humor and worse consequences for the characters. While there are glimmers of humor, the episodes lacked the focus for anything important to do.

Season 20

Season 20 of the Family Guy series was first released in 2021, with 20 episodes to its name. Following adventures such as Lois becoming addicted to painkillers, Meg working as a getaway driver, Peter and Chris embarking on a road trip to prove the existence of Chris girlfriend, and Stewie believing he has completed his first period.

Season 20''s poor ranking has been found among the series due to the indifferent reception, although fans are hesitant to respond to the concept. In one direction, the humor has been praised for being a good match, but in the same way, it has been criticised for its "newfound wokeness," which allows the audience to reminisce about a time when Family Guy attempted beyond boundaries to produce a unique shock-factor.

Season 1

Family Guy started the season in 1999 with only seven episodes. Like Peter losing his job and delaying welfare money, Brian arguing for his rights after entering a dog show, Lois becoming a singer in Peter''s basement bar, and Stewie running away from home. It was well-received as a fresh take on the nuclear family on TV a cruder version of The Simpsons but a simpler version of South Park.

Its political incorrectness is recognized for crossing the (thin) line between poignancy and dark humor, but in a manner that does not always hit the sweet spot. Although Season 1 was not the best of the Family Guy series, it should be commended for its ability to introduce new ideas to adult animations.

Season 11

Season 11 of Family Guy started with 22 episodes spanning from 2012 through 2013. The Griffins follow the Lois Midlife Crisis, Peters'' retelling of the Nativity story, Chris space cadetship, Brian and Stewies in scribbling ties, and Quagmire is married to a prostitute while drunk.

This season, Family Guy changed its tone to a more sadistic mode of humor, which didn''t sit well with everyone who was accustomed to their usual dark humor. Lastly, Season 11 sat with some darker themes that didn''t blend with the humor, making it more susceptible to scrutiny.

Season 10

Season 10 of Family Guy celebrates its bleak misadventures, including Ryan Reynolds becoming obsessed with Peter, Quagmire stealing a pistol, Brian dangling a blind lady, and Joe cheating on Bonnie (Jennifer Tilly).

Season 10 of Family Guy shocked fans with a drop in their writing quality in a matter of seconds. However, Family Guy remained silent in the air and joking about the opening moments in the show.

Season 7

Season 7 of Family Guy was televised from 2008 to 2009, with 16 episodes. Examples include Peter''s iconic trashmen''s "Surfin'' Bird" by the Trashmen, Brian and Stewie teleporting to Nazi Germany, Lois becoming a FOX News presenter, and Brians attempting to legalize marijuana.

Season 7 became known for its clever pop culture references, its ability to use dark humor without going over the edge, and its creation of the catchy song "Everythings Better With A Bag Of Weed." It kept viewers happy with its fabled episodes, making it one of the series'' favorites.

Season 9

Season 9 of Family Guy featured 18 episodes from 2010 to 2011. A variety of topics included: Quahogs murder mystery, Lois becoming a professional boxer, Brian giving his kidney to Peter, and Meg attempting to join Joe.

Season 9 provided insight into the main characters to give them some dimension, which was enjoyed by viewers, continuing with the positive reaction from Season 8. The first episode of "And Then There Were Fewer" is still a fan favorite for the rest of the Family Guy episodes due to its outstanding plot and entertaining humor.

Season 8

Season 8 has 21 episodes, including Brian and Stewie returning to the multiverse, Quagmire dealing with his little daughter, Meg hiding her criminal boyfriend in the house, and Peter and the gang going on a trip to discover the source of a dirty joke.

This season, despite its earlier seasons, was eliminated from the box, with a darker tone blending in with the usual brazen, silly comedy. The darkness primarily comes from the production of Brians, which allows the audience to feel sorry for him instead of hate him. Season 8 is also known for being the "same old" Family Guy.

Season 2

The second season of Family Guy on the market from 1999 to 2000, with a long run of 21 episodes. In this season, Brian realizes that he loves Lois, Peter takes on the role of Death (Norm MacDonald), Chris becoming a talented painter, and Meg earns additional income when she pretends that Stewie is her son.

Season 2 has been well-known in the Family Guy community. The season every fan was waiting for, but Season 2 will not disappoint those who desire childish antics and dark humor.

Season 3

Season 3 emitted 22 episodes from each, from 2001 to 2002. Lois becomes a blackbelt in martial arts, Brian directs a porno film, Peter converts Chris to Judaism, and Joe is trained for the disabled decathlon with the help of Peter.

Season 3 of Family Guy has been canceled due to poor ratings. The jokes in Season 3 are related to the episodes'' plot, the cuts are perfectly timed, and the Griffin family is the perfect balance of zany and offensive without being insulting or childish.

Season 5

The fifth season of Family Guy encapsulated 18 episodes that ranged from 2006 to 2007. Lois was performing sexually in the kids high school, the Griffins opened their restaurant, but Stewie became obsessed with Lois after saving Rupert, and Meg became crushed on Brian after he went to prom.

In this season, political misinformation persists, yet in the way that it somehow manages to offend everybody to the point where nobody is caught offendering of episodes depicting Stewie and Brian, Season 5 satisfied viewers with more screen time for their friendship, which in turn improved their individual characters.

Season 6

Season 6 of Family Guy, which was released due to a strike from the Writers Guild of America in 2007-2008, was able to feature twelve episodes. The following included: re-enactments from Star Wars, Joe getting a leg transplant, Brian finding out that he is a father, and Peter acting like a pirate when he gets a pet parrot.

Season 6 of Family Guy encapsulated pop-culture references, odd narrative lines that highlight the strange characteristics of each member of Quahog, and, of course, the most controversial episodes in the series (which is a good achievement, or a bad one, depending on individual humor preferences).

Season 4

Season 4, which was released with 30 episodes from 2005 to 2006, was praised for its innovative performances, including Brian appearing on The Bachelorette, Peter finding out he is legally mentally challenged, Lois becoming obsessed with shoplifting, and Peter writing an erotic novel.

After being canceled for a second time, the writers returned with superb scripts that reflected everything they wanted about Family Guy. Quintessential in its appearance, the season is the golden age of Quahog and axiomatically the favorite season by a long shot. The fourth season of Family Guy is hailed as the best of the whole series.

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