10 of HBO's best actors who are always cast in movies and shows, from Edie Falco to Michael K. Williams

10 of HBO's best actors who are always cast in movies and shows, from Edie Falco to Michael K. Willi ...

In the last year alone, Sydney Sweeney has appeared in two of HBOs most popular shows: Euphoria and White Lotus. Similarly, Martha Kelly jumped from Season 2 of Euphoria to the present season of Hacksjust months apart. Why does it appear like the streaming platform recasts familiar faces in major productions? Who are their favorites?

As it turns out, the network has an unofficial recycling program owing to long-standing relationships with a particular character. Similarly, Michael K. Williams went from acting in The Wire to taking on a lead role in Boardwalk Empire just two years later. He isn''t the only one, as fans have opted to include certain actors and actors in its extensive collection of original shows, films, and miniseries.

Michael K. Williams: 7 Movies & Shows

An HBO casting director felt that his talent might be transferred into The Wire''s next series for five seasons. Omar Little, a stick-up man from Baltimore, played for not only Michael K. Williams'' small role, but also in Oz.

Williams was previously cast in a television program, Boardwalk Empire, and was not in the role until the series ended. He has been credited in countless television shows and movies throughout the years. Williams'' portrayal of Montrose Freeman in the Afro futuristic-horror series Lovecraft Country was a true legacy for the actor.

Edie Falco: 4 Movies & Shows

Edie Falco played Carmela Soprano on The Sopranos for three seasons in Oz. The two roles were overlapping at one point, which is why Falco had to leave Oswald Maximum Prison to take on the role of a mob boss.

Falco has been on The Sopranos for eight years, and was even asked to return for the networks'' 2021 prequel, The Many Saints of Newark. Unfortunately, the scenes from Falco were removed from the final cut, but she has maintained a similar working relationship with HBO even today. Trueco is set to appear in the next film The Parenting, which is currently in production, and gave her voice to Animals for one episode.

Alexander Skarsgard: 5 Movies & Shows

In this role, Alexander Skarsgard acted and perfected his American accent, which would come in handy as he started in True Blood a few years later.

Although Skarsgard was skeptical about playing a vampire on television, the 2008-2014 season was especially good for the supernatural (ahem, Twilight), and he became the first person to play Succession on HBO. If not, it took a while to get fit on the screen. Who knows if he had continued to do so.

Domenick Lombardozzi: 8 Movies & Shows

Domenick Lombardozzi was a series regular for two episodes of Oz and later joined The Wire as a series regular shortly afterwards. He played Baltimore detective Thomas Herk Haulk in 51 episodes, which includes features from the hit series Entourage.

In episodes from Mrs. Fletcher, The Deuce, and the current series We Own This City, you can see him straight away. It''s not often that HBO converts actors from its earlier programs into current ones, but Lombardozzi is an exception.

Clarke Peters: 8 Movies & TV Shows

Clarke Peters, who is perhaps best known as Lester Freamon on The Wire, aided in making the HBO original more enjoyable than ever. Even today, his depiction of an earnest detective against the Vietnam War hit close to home for the actor, who participated in protests.

Peters has been a recurring feature of HBO over the years; he has also made appearances in Oz, True Detective, The Deuce, and more. In 2019, Peters joined the cast of His Dark Materials, a BBC production that is distributed by HBO. This role in some sense, bridges the long-time actors'' friendship with the two networks, for which he is the most credited.

Evan Rachel Wood: 4 Movies & Shows

Evan Rachel Wood currently stars in Westworld as Dolores Abernathy (though its suspected her character will change in the upcoming season) before she appeared as herself in the HBO documentary Phoenix Rising, which chronicles domestic violence and advocacy.

In a 2020 interview, Wood told Collider that it''s bittersweet because you get to know these characters really well and you like them how they are, and you have to kind of begin over every season. Wood may not have appeared in many HBO originals, but one thing is for sure she will make an impact with whatever role she takes on.

Jeffrey Wright: 12 Movies & Shows

He was taken on dueling roles in Westworld and played Valentin Narcisse in 11 episodes of Boardwalk Empire. However, Jeffrey Wright has only scoffered the surface of what he has shown on HBO. In 2003, Wright reprised his stage role in the on-screen adaptation of Angels in America, winning a Tony and Emmy (respectively) for each performance.

Wright has over 30 years of credited roles under his belt, but he is a well-known producer of HBO shows. Whether it be writing, acting, or lending his voice to an animated series, Wright has proved himself to be an asset and then some to the network and many of its originals.

Stephen Tobolowsky: 8 Movies & Shows

Stephen Tobolowsky is an HBO pro in his own right, but he has also held a recurring role in the short-lived series Deadwood and a CEO in Silicon Valley. Thats not to mention roles in many miniseries and TV films.

Toblowsky is one of the most versatile actors in HBO''s various programs, and his credits encompass a wide spectrum of genres and character descriptions. This is true for his roles in HBO programs, though many of these can be considered blink-and-miss-its appearances. He is undoubtedly a go-to actor for the network.

John Turturro: 4 Movies & TV Shows

John Turturro is a performer, actor, director, writer, and producer. He has been recognized in over 60 films and shows since the 1980s, and four are already HBO originals. They recently appeared in two miniseries from the network: The Night Ofand The Plot Against America.

Turturo''s relationship with HBO began many years before streaming was even a reality. In 1995, he led the cast of Sugartime, an American crime film that often goes forgotten. Yet, Turturo is doing something right with HBO, which has long remained in collaboration.

Bobby Cannavale: 5 Movies & Shows

Many of Bobby Cannavale''s roles in HBO originals were brief; a brief stint on Oz, as well as an episode in Sex and The City. The actors'' first credit with HBO is in the 1998 television film When Trumpets Fade. It was a minor role in the war film in which Cannavale played a commander.

In the 2010s, the actor took on larger roles. He portrayed a New York City gangster in Boardwalk Empire and Gyp Rosetti, and won an Emmy Award for his roles in 2013. A few years later, Cavanale led Vinyl''s cast, where he played a record executive in the 1970s. Although it may have taken a while to gain traction at the network, the roles sounded clear.

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