Sentinels at VCT Challengers 2 are shocked by evil Geniuses

Sentinels at VCT Challengers 2 are shocked by evil Geniuses ...

After a defeat to Evil Geniuses on Saturday, the Sentinels have started the VCT Challengers 2 group stage 0-2. This is a new low for the former Masters champions, as Evil Geniuses claimed their first victory in the main event after going 0-5 in Challengers One, and dropping their opening match to Cloud9 last week.

EG finished the series early after halftime tied at six rounds apiece, but EG fell short of having a fantastic return from Sentinels, finishing the series 11-0. C0M led the way for EG on Ascent, with a headshot percentage of 23.

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The series shifted to Icebox, but once again things were close at the half, with EG maintaining a slim 7-5 advantage over Sentinels. Similar to Ascent, EG dominated the opening pistol rounds of the second half, and led the series to 1-1, thanks to fantastic duelist action. A 1.8 total K/D earned him over 40 kills across the series and MVP accolades.

On May 27, Evil Geniuses will focus on Challengers 2, which will be taking on Luminosity Gaming for the third week of the group stage. Meanwhile, Sentinels will have to face the defending Masters, according to Reykjavik''s OpTic Gaming on May 28.