In Pokemon Go, Giovanni is a batard

In Pokemon Go, Giovanni is a batard ...

I''ve faced the Team Go Rocket Boss, aka Giovanni, a few times in my Pokemon Go career, but every encounter we have had has made me want to retire from Pokemon training and move to the country where the game is still unplayable. Its one thing to rage quit Dark Souls by smashing a $60 controller, but if I throw my phone on the ground, I''ll have a big problem.

If you haven''t felt the sorrow of facing Giovanni, here''s how to say it: Giovanni is basically a Team Go Rocket Leader from Hell. Pokemon can block and utilize charged attacks, and for some reason they are always quite above your current level, making them incredibly difficult to defeat without taking any advantage. If you have attempted to defeat Giovanni and failed, you should have a nearly perfect team to survive three rounds with that monster, but there is no real way to build the perfect team if you don''t have it.

Giovanni has always been a strong customer, but this months fight may be his most difficult one yet. He has a team of Persian, Shadow Latias, or Honchkrow, Gyrados, and Rhyperior. I''m level 34, with quite a few max CP Pokemon and a bunch of legendary and high CP mons to choose from, and I ended up losing out on over 100,000 stardust, dozens of TMs, and my entire supply of heroines while working

My strategy was to start with a high-end Pokemon with a Charged Attack that builds quickly enough to crush both of his shields. This allowed me to keep the two men alive until the attacks were reversed. I ended up using a Tyranitar, which then reduced the cost of the defense to six times. I ended up using a single Thunderbolt to crush both the Persian and the Honchkrow, which allowed me to finish the battle without losing it.

These three Pokemon were max CP with 90 percent or better IVs, and while they arent the only possible counters for this fight, you will need a similar team of powerful, counter-effective Pokemon, according to reports. Hopefully you have one of those, and hopefully it''s a good one.

If you already have a Pokemon, you may go grind until you get ready, level up your Pokemon, or catch new ones. Although Pokemon Go has a lot of Pokemon to catch and candy, you have absolutely no control over what kind of Pokemon and candy you get.

This month, the only Pokemon you can catch are Water-type, which will not assist you against the Giovannis team at any rate. No matter how many powerful Dewpiders, Wailmers, or Lotads you collect, youre never will be able to build a team to get involved in this fight right now. Pokemon Go anticipates you to have a counter for everything and maintain a variety of powerful high-CP Pokemon, but does not suggest any strategy to.

After defeating Giovanni, I got to see his Shadow Latias. Given how many of my Pokemon it had just been brutalized, I was excited to get my hands on a potentially powerful new weapon. In other words, the 4320 CP Shadow Latias must have been riddled of Giovanni, who was only 68 percent IVs. It''s not easy to build a strong team when everything comes to luck. But Giovanni just makes me irritated.