In MultiVersus, how to toast another player

In MultiVersus, how to toast another player ...

More players are planning to play MultiVersus, a Warner Bros. crossover fighter, which means internet queues are filled with unanswered surprises across the globe.

MultiVersus offers a different version of a popular player option called Toast, which is similar to some other platform fighters.

After you Toast a player, the other player will receive a notification of who commended them, which allows them to leave your toasting thanks.

You need to wait until you complete whatever online match you are playing. From there, the option will appear above each player character on the result screen. You can then toast any player other than yourself, regardless of whether they are your teammate or not.

This is a way to show your gratitude and reward a teammate who assists you out online, or to express his gratitude to a difficult opponent for a memorable match.

Toast is a limited resource that you must enroll in several tasks, whether it be by increasing your Mastery Level for a character or leveling up your Battle Pass.

By clicking on the Toast icon next to the number shown in the top right corner, you may also get 10 Toast from your Collection menu. This bundle will cost 350 Gold, which is not an option, as giving out or receiving a Toast only gives a player 25 gold.