The Sunlight Mechanic from V Rising Is Extremely Cool, Until It Isn't

The Sunlight Mechanic from V Rising Is Extremely Cool, Until It Isn't ...

One of V Rising''s greatest strengths is how well it ties its gothic horror theme to its survival/crafting game. It feels like the skill-gathering of vampires was just as important to the developers as the resource-gathering and base-building fantasy. Sunlight has a shaky effect on how you play the game, but it also influences the difficulty of combat encounters. In practice, it is a good mechanic, but after a while it stops becoming a fun one.

When you enter the sun, a bright red light strikes your head, but you will only have a few seconds to get inside. In addition, traveling during the day is always an essential part of survival games. It makes you feel free and powerful in the dark, but during the day you become weak and vulnerable.

In V Rising, sunlight poses some major challenges. It''s difficult to maneuver on your base when you cannot move freely, so you must build Mist Braziers that create a fog to block out the sun. These structures also provide guidance, so you have to make some time to hunt in between all your other tasks. At this point, sunlight becomes little more than a hazy moment while traveling.

Once you have completed the crafting process, the main challenge of the game is to identify bosses so that when the sun rises, you may eventually recover the ground quicker, and leave the day faster. While reducing stress, you may be forced to abandon the role of a wolf, which is a little obstacle, and thus leaving it at this point.

It''s difficult to avoid going during the day with sunlight. You can modify gear that increases how long it takes to start burning, but you''ll always be slowed down by the sun. It doesn''t pose a big danger, and there''s no way you can deal with it entirely. It might be one thing if sunlight blocked off certain paths completely, or if the time of day had a significant impact on the size and shape of the shadows, however you would avoid traveling during the day longer.

V Rising has just begun in early access, and Ive only seen the first forest-covered area. It''s possible that further development will make sunlight more interesting and dynamic, or that later biomes will alter the way youre is being forced to engage with sunlight. I have played 15 hours of V Rising and am no longer impressed nor threatened by it. I just wish I had to deal with it anymore.