Prey: 9 Relative Things Every Player Does

Prey: 9 Relative Things Every Player Does ...

Arkane is adept at the immersive gameplay, from Dishonored to Deathloop, but Prey occupies a special position for them. Usually, they have you playing an exceptional individual who frankly no one stands a chance against. The world is a playground for your mayhem.

Prey has you as the prey, but you must skulk about and be careful, using the station and alien abilities to your advantage. In that way, people can become a bit more predictable even with Arkane''s unique abilities.

9 Hit Everything

Prey starts off nice and quiet. When you get back to work, you wake up again in your bed again, and you realize what they seem. Prey takes this phrase a little too seriously with the introduction of mimics. It''s possible that they do.

When literally any object at any time can come to life and murder you, perhaps you shouldn''t take any chances. Today, every little cup and roll of toilet paper is an enemy. There''s no worry quite like seeing a mimic bite away, and thinking to yourself "were there two crates here before?"

8 Use The Boltcaster For Every Puzzle

Prey''s interactivity consists of many computer monitors throughout the station. Each monitor is assigned to someone, making them not only integral to the plot between the two characters, but also to the controls of the station itself from opening and closing doors.

The Boltcaster, which is one of those foam crossbows with darts you must pick back up after firing. However, as those monitors are all touchscreens a little bolt can squeeze through any tight corner, or touch any button. In fact, it''s so cruel fun that most players end up using it for everything, because when you have foam darts?

7 Gloo Cannon For Ultimate Traversal

Prey has a wide variety of advantages to it, from other horror games to Arkane''s own works. Where in other games you may be limited in how you explore until you unlock certain abilities and Arkane is no exception the gloo cannon is shipped to you nearly immediately, along with the figurative keys to the station.

The gloo cannon can stick to almost anything and create just about anything, from walls to walkways. If you can just gloo yourself away, you don''t have to worry about unlocking a door. It allows you to break the game quite easily, and it''s all the better for it.

6 Fear Flickering Lights

Prey is a horror game, and we''ve covered it. Like any other game, horror can''t always sustain itself throughout, considering how powerful you can get. Prey still has some fun tricks to keep you on track. Phantoms become nothing more than cannon fodder after a while, but you''ll still know they''re coming.

The first time you see flickering lights, you might think nothing. Then you''ll see how others begin flickering, seemingly moving. After that, you''ll hear the cacophony of voices and see the lights flickering as Phantom walks past. It''s a warning sign that danger is near, and to find the nearest cower under.

5 Recycle.Everything.

There''s also a problem with mimics, but you see one (or if you''re unlucky, many) and by time you think you''ve discovered them, they''ve already found their way onto your face. It''s a matter of puzzles. If only there was a simpler way to deal with that exact scenario... Ah wait, there is!

Recycling companies are not just known as Prey''s version of grenades, but also massively dialed up. Just about everything in Prey that can be picked up or stands in your way, can be recycled for materials to craft into other items, including Typhon. Even in destruction, they can be transformed into wonderful tools. Morgan also has plenty of recyclable parts.

4 Get Too Many Typhon Abilities

Talos-1''s space station has a slew of defenses, mostly in the form of turrets. This explicit message is clear to you: these defenses will shoot Typhon on sight. If you take too many Typhon abilities, that includes you. However, when you are considering to lift heavier objects or turn them into those heavier objects, it''s not much of a choice.

If you''re lucky, you''ll have disabled or hacked most of them already. If not, then the Typhon is at the station and its defenses. At least you may turn it into a mug!

3 Freak Out Every Time Nightmare Appears

The whole Talos-1 Typhon has a different type of horror. Mimics hide in plain sight, Phantoms disrupt the lights around you, and Technopaths turn the station against you. After a while, you may manage them, but then Nightmare appears.

It might be anywhere, anytime, and anytime. You are told that Nightmare is here, and you need to hide. It''s quite large when it wants to be, but it can fit into any room it wants. Just when you think the game has exhausted its frights, a new one is always waiting around.

2 Never Know Where Poltergeists Are

The many Typhon you encounter throughout Prey aren''t afraid of their unpleasable desire and need to kill you. Most of them are just walking around, looking for you. Hell, even the mimics are only hiding so they can take you by surprise. Then there''s the shy Typhon.

Perhaps ironically, Poltergeists may be among the hardest Typhon to fight because they are literally invisible, and their voices are disembodied and spread throughout the whole area. Instead of simply attacking you outright, they''ll throw things at or push you into the ceiling. It''s almost more of an inconvenience, but no one will ever notice those little freaks.

1 Frantic Sneak Attacks With A Wrench

One aspect of Prey is perhaps shared by everyone at some point, the one quintessential tool any well-known alien-fighting protagonist can never miss, and that''s your handy-dandy wrench. Morgan Yu would be so proud of their ability to smash an alien to bits.

Swinging your wrench takes up stamina, and it only takes up almost a half inch to defeat a Phantom. If you''re lucky, you''ll knock them down. However, you''d better wish your swinging arm is accurate. Even with vastly superior weaponry, there''s nothing quite like the terrifying assault of a wrench on a stunned phantom.