10 Hilarious Nico Robin Memes in One Piece

10 Hilarious Nico Robin Memes in One Piece ...

Nico Robin, the world''s most famous characters, has been praised throughout the years, but none are quite as impressive as Hana Hana''s super archeologist, Nico Robin. From her deceptively strong Hana Hana no Mi abilities to her random macabre remarks, Robin excels in both strength and lovability, traits that have made her a fan favorite ever since her debut.

Robin has been the subject of memes that are sure to scold fans towards losing their voices, as well as with all of the cherished One Piece characters. These ten memes illustrate the humorous side of the archeologist''s stone-faced personality.

10 My Heroes?

The Enies Lobby arc of One Piece, which focuses around Robin thus far, marked Robin''s transformation from an emotionally-guarded outsider to an more open member of the Straw Hat Pirates. It also marked a turning point for the Straw Hat Pirates as a whole, as they realized they needed to become stronger if they were to save Robin.

This meme gives us an idea of what would happen if the Fake Straw Hat Pirates had gone instead of the real ones. Robin would have faced a different fate if the authentic Straw Hats hadn''t arrived for her.

9 An Outfit For Every Occasion

Robin always looks good amid all the fuss throughout the series. Before the two-year timeskip, Robin was used to dress in rather dark blues. Sometimes, she wears other dark colors, such as blue or purple.

Robin added brighter colors to her wardrobe after the timelapse. While she still wears the occasional black or purple, she has also included brighter colors in her outfit choice. This Facebook Day or Night mode meme is perfect.

8 The Struggles of Being Special

With the Wano Country arc being the most recent example, it is evident that Nico Robin is one of the most powerful characters in the series. From her ability to readponeglyphs to her dream of learning about the Void Century, there are many non-farious individuals out there who want to benefit her.

Rob Lucci, who was promoted from CP9 to CP0, is a common sight among those who have died. This means Girls meme suggests that Lucci''s insistence on hunting Robin down isn''t lost on her.

7 When You Think You Know Someone

Robin is a motherly figure to the younger members, especially towards Chopper. However, even with her talents, she still has a certain inequities.

Robin will make a statement that is either enormous or outrageous in nature, much to the shock of those who surround her. This Mr. Incredible meme perfectly demonstrates how off-putting her remarks can be for some people, especially for her fellow crewmate Usopp.

6 Don''''t Blow My Cover!

Robin is, although she is generally a well-mannered person, quite ruthless and unforgiving in combat. Many of her struggles demonstrate that she will not hesitate to crush the spines and necks of her adversaries, even if they are begging for mercy.

As shown by this meme, even the most ruthless side of Robin can be played for laughs. While the context of the actual screenshot is more serious in nature, this is proof that the creativity among fans is infinite.

5 Forever Ryunosuke

Robin has been seen for her dark thoughts but there are occasions when she finds herself giggling about the most unorthodox of things. Cerberus from Thriller Bark previously found Cerberus to be cute, much to her crewmates'' shock. But Robin''s most recent affection is Kanjuro''s sloppily-drawn dragon, Ryunosuke.

Ryunosuke was used to scale Zunesha''s leg in order to reach Zou. But when Robin''s group reached Zou, Ryunosuke was subsequently removed from existence. As this Avengers meme illustrates, Robin was particularly devastated by the loss.

4 How to Recruit Franky 101

Although Robin soon opened up to her crew after the Enies Lobby arc, she still remained in charge of her post-Enies Lobby ruthlessness following the incident. One of the most unsettling scenes in the One Piece series is the scene in which Robin convinces Franky to join the Straw Hats by leveraging her powers to grab his private area.

This Star Wars meme more or less reveals Robin''s ruthless tendencies before the Thriller Bark arc.

3 Cat Scratch Fever

Ryunosuke isn''t the only instance of Robin showing her lighthearted side. Following Bartholomew Kuma''s revelation, Usopp wondered if there was a Devil Fruit with calming ability. This forced Robin to start thinking about three cute cats as a result.

The answer to Robin''s demotivational poster is certainly: Is she actually a cat lady or a dog lady? Given how she was infatuated with a Cerberus and a poorly-drawn dragon, the answer may go any length.

2 And The Oscar Goes To...

Disguising herself or playing a different role in general became a challenge for Robin. This meme demonstrates that Robin deserves an award for the sheer number of roles she has played throughout the years.

Robin still finds herself in situations where she must don disguises as she isn''t alone. However, there is no question about whether or not Robin''s loyalties are true.

1 Read All About It!

When the Straw Hats learn that Luffy is in the country, perhaps the memes that were most popular during the Wano Country arc are the face faults. While these face faults are to be expected from Usopp, Zoro, and Franky, Robin''s certainly shook a lot of enthusiasts.

Robin learns about Luffy''s arrival after Kaidou''s first defeat, much to her astonishment. Afterwards, Robin''s captain is prone to crazy hernanigans, which shouldn''t be the same.