Followers of Streamer xQc gamblers have been awarded $119 million, but Hasan profits, according to Ludwig

Followers of Streamer xQc gamblers have been awarded $119 million, but Hasan profits, according to L ...

For the better part of this year, the popular content creator known as xQc has been facing an ongoing gambling controversy. The point began when the streamer began accepting gambling sponsorships and sending out promotional codes. This has sparked quite a lot of criticism.

xQc commented that it''s an illness. I can afford to be ill. Im lucky. The streamer claimed that he lost almost $2 million to online casinos last year.

While he stated that he would no longer be accepting sponsorships, the streamer said earlier this year that he would collaborate with a gambling company called Stake. Recently, xQc revealed the number of people who joined up at the online casino using his promotional codes and how much money they have already invested.

xQc said $119 million. It''s not crazy. Thats what''s rookie percentage compared to some of his nutjobs. When criticised by some of his followers, the streamer explained how the money always comes back somehow.

This appears to have prompted fellow content creator Hasan to explain how fucking bad such sponsorships from gambling companies can be, diving into the details about what exactly happens when a follower implements one of the promotional codes that xQc has been sending out. These can sometimes result in streamers making money if followers lose their bets.

Stake and all of them, if they have a code, if you are offering a code, that means that Stake is tracking all of your losses, and you are receiving a percentage of your fanbase''s losses, according to Hasan in a stream. That''s how fucking bad it is, but they let you in on your losses.

The most popular streamer on Twitch by a large margin is in fact xQc. The content creator has logged up more than 245 million hours on the internet this past year alone. However, some content creators including Ludwig have been calling for Twitch to keep up on the practice.

It''s a problem, but I doubt that the notion of whether you gamble or do not gamble should ever be based on the streamer. I have a theory where I just believe that humans should not be the ethical person. It should be the platform. It is the one that should dictate what is okay and not okay.