The Sonic The Hedgehog 3 movie has seven characters that should be debuted

The Sonic The Hedgehog 3 movie has seven characters that should be debuted ...

With the introduction of Sonic The Hedgehog 2, there is still plenty to be done. While introducing Knuckles, Tails, and reducing the possibility of additional features, the now-confirmed threequel is likely to bring more characters to the game.

While previous games and television shows have a slew of characters that might be included, some are more likely to convert to a live-action cinematic universe than others.

7 Big The Cat

While many Sonic characters that are better known to mainstream audiences are more likely to appear in the films, Big The Cat would be an extremely fun choice. Knuckles and Tails have already appeared, and Shadow is set to arrive, although we still don''t know who will play him. However, Big The Cat now has a certain innocent, quiet sidekick role that the film has been missing.

While his character from the games may seem lacking, it is important to look for changes. Big can easily be played off similarly to Baymax from Big Hero 6, thus creating someone who is unlovable and genuine in Sonic characters.

6 Amy Rose

Amy Rose is a pink hedgehog who first appeared on the Sonic The Hedgehog CD. She has often been described in games as having a large crush on Sonic, but has surprisingly been left out of the films thus far. Amy is a popular character among fans, despite being described as embodying the Ms. Male Character stereotype.

The famous Sonic Boom team of actors included Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, and Amy. Despite the fact that the other three have already come together in the most recent film, it would be surprising to not bring Amy to the screen sooner rather than later.

5 Silver The Hedgehog

Silvers'' in-game story centered around him coming from 200 years in the future to kill Sonic. Silver has, however, the ability to telekinetically lift and move objects with his mind, which allows him to hold his own in the battle.

Although Silver is less well-received than many others introduced in the games, the origin of his backstory and abilities might be an interesting one for a future film. Time travel seems to be a ludicrous feature to include given the real-world context, but considering the background already used it might be an option for an adventure later than the threequel. It is difficult to know where the Sonic films intend on going next, but Silver would introduce a fresh set of limitations for sure.

4 Blaze The Cat

If time travel is a difficult concept to get started, then at least it has already been popular in mainstream media. As with the multiversal travel concept, this has become much more popular between the recent release of Everything Everywhere All At once and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse Of Madness.

Blaze The Cat is a character who might assist the Sonic franchise negotiate multiversal travel and stay as successful as it has been so far. She is a princess who comes from another dimension, where she guards the sol emeralds. These being her universes version of the chaos emeralds, they may be a target by a host of villains that might require her to seek out the help of Sonic.

3 Rouge The Bat

If the films are looking for a different kind of character than they have previously, Rouge the Bat is an excellent choice. Instead of Amy, who primarily serves in the games as a love interest, Rouge is a character that stands on her own. Rouge is often sought for valuable treasures and uses her womenly methods to get what she wants through manipulation.

Rouge would add a strong female character to the film franchise, with a transition from villain to hero to anti-heroic thorn in the side of Sonic and his buddies. There are a number of possibilities available with this character that would make the wheelhouse more odd.

2 Sally Acorn

Sally Acorn was a bit less popular among Sonic enthusiasts who watched the Sonic SatAM cartoon series, which featured Sonic and his friends fighting as freedom fighters against Robotnik. Despite the abrupt departure, the show has evolved into a fan-favorite series.

Sally was a pioneer in the Sonic films, and many people believed her a better love interest for Sonic than Amy. Sally had a lot of character outside, but she was a strong character in her own right. Including Sally would allow the Sonic films to create additional moments that fans of the film will love.

1 Metal Sonic

Metal Sonic might come off as being too similar a villain to Shadow, who is likely to be Sonic 3, but it might be different. First, it would make sense for Robotnik to create Metal Sonic in the wake of trying and failing to control Knuckles as a being that would meet Sonic''s speed.

As a result of Metal Sonic''s failure, Eggman''s skill in combating Sonic even causes him to rebel against his creator on occasion, making him a dangerous final villain for the Sonic films to head toward. Metal Sonic is already known as a "superman."