In the Sea of Thieves, how to get off crossplay

In the Sea of Thieves, how to get off crossplay ...

While crossplay is not always a requirement in online video games, it is not always a thing you want to have active. Simply put, the style of game you are playing will allow people on certain platforms to gain unfair advantage. Sea of Thieves automatically has cross-platform play, which may result in frustrations for controller players who are bombarded with a keyboard and mouse. Here''s how to avoid that situation.

How to turn off crossplay in Sea of Thieves

In Sea of Thieves, there are two ways to prevent yourself from playing against keyboard and mouse players. The first is in the games settings. Before you enter the game, open Settings and find Matchmaking Preferences. The only option in this area is to combine Xbox players with controllers. The likelihood of you joining a game with a keyboard and mouse player will be reduced, although this is still possible.

Crossplay is not a prerequisite for your console to play with anyone else on an Xbox. Open your console settings, go to the Account section, and select Privacy & online safety. We prefer the custom route, though, so select View details and customize. Cross-network play is also available.

If you put this on Block, your Xbox will not allow you to play any games with anyone else on the Xbox. Keep this in mind in the near future if you ever wish to play a different game with crossplay. This applies to everything, not just Sea of Thieves.