A Tarnished Fashion Show will be hosted by the Elden Ring Subreddit

A Tarnished Fashion Show will be hosted by the Elden Ring Subreddit ...

Elden Ring has the potential to make you feel like you''ve gone up to becoming the most powerful person in the world. Not just your stats, but also your attire. Following a walk around Limgrave after completing a tour of Caelid, you often wear General Radahn''s armour and other iconic equipment. Some people are suspicious of having a look around, so they''ve planned a fashion show on the Elden Ring subreddit.

The fashion show, which was spotted by PCGamesN, was ended over a month ago, but was later stalled due to some delays in the submission process. There was also a separate category for Cosplay, where players dressed their Tarnished up as famous fictional or real people. For example, one player dressed their character as Moses, equipped with two stone greatshields to denote the slabs on which the 10 commandments were etched.

The mods'' conditions for each subreddit were vague and that''s why you would force a theme on this occasion, particularly for the first showcase. ESPECIALLY with such specific, niche categories. Very strange," said one particularly irritated comment.

In a brief update, one of the mods explained why the challenges with the submission process have resulted in a delay. "Unfortunately there were some limitations with the presentation. Some with several excellent outfits, while a couple of decent sets only had a single basic photo.

"I attempted to reach out to promising applicants to ensure an effective playing field, but even now, after going through roughly six rounds of attempts, I did not receive enough of each category to get the game going. As of today I have 8 knights and five cosplayers, after trying to contact 45 people."