A massive DMZ leak in Modern Warfare 2 teases details and video from Escape from Tarkov Mode

A massive DMZ leak in Modern Warfare 2 teases details and video from Escape from Tarkov Mode ...

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is already confirmed to be flying this year, but Activision hasn''t revealed the rumored DMZ mode. A new leak has begun teasing an array of new features for the game mode.

Along with standard Multiplayer action and a Campaign, Modern Warfare 2 is also developing a new Warzone. Recently, we received massive leaks for Warzone 2s changes over the original Battle Royale, which it seems to be interesting to say the least.

What we were most interested in is the heavily-leaked but not-revealed DMZ mode. Rumors suggest that MW2s third mode is a snag from Tarkov, much like Battlefield 2042''s Hazard Zone.

Hazard Zone was completely dead upon arrival, but there is no doubt that DMZ, if indeed true, will perform significantly better. And judging by these new features, there will be plenty to enjoy about the mode.

First Video Leak of MW2 DMZ Mode

According to a new leak from 4chan, complete with video evidence, MW2 will have a remarkable in-depth DMZ mode.

The DMZ, which stands for Demilitarized Zone, will reportedly be a similar game type to Escape From Tarkov. Players must infiltrate an area to loot, complete objectives, avoid or fight other players, and extract successfully.

The interesting thing about the new 4chan leak is that it also contains a video which might be our first in-game look at DMZ.

This comes just days after we received our first gameplay leak of the MW2 Multiplayer!

The footage, which will likely be removed before long, describes the DMZ as tactic. High Risk. High Reward.

It also reveals that the extraction mode will include many biomes, including a forest and a desert town. Moreover, a Day/Night Cycle likewise appears to be present in the extraction mode.

Check out a mirrored of the infamous DMZ in-game video here!

Besides the video, the 4chan leaker had also the following to reveal about the game''s eagerly-awaited content.

DMZ will feature 20-35 players in total, and Infinity Ward is injecting in as many resources as Multiplayer.

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