The top eight players in the MTG New Capenna Championship have been awarded the World Championship

The top eight players in the MTG New Capenna Championship have been awarded the World Championship ...

The eighth best players at the New Capenna Championship will battle for a $450,000 price and a World Championship XXVIII invites on Sunday after 15 rounds of competition in both Standard and Historic constructed.

Standard Constructed will be the top eight round, with a wide range of decks making it into the finals. The top eight players and their decklists are:

  • David Inglis Jeskai Storm
  • Hisamichi Yoshigoe Naya Midrange
  • Zachary Kiihne Esper Midrange
  • Mike Sigrist Grixis Vampires
  • Shota Yasooka Jund Midrange
  • Simon Nielsen Esper Midrange
  • Karl Sarap Jund Midrange
  • Jan Merkel -Jeskai Hinata

Inglis, Yasooka, and Nielsen are already competing in the World Championship as a result of their positions in the Magic Esports League system, either in the MPL or in the Rivals League, or as Challengers.

Greg Orange, Yuma Koizumi, Tristan Wylde-LaRue, and Nathan Steuer will be invited to the New Capenna Championship as players until the conclusion of the Swiss rounds.

As league competitors concluded, Reid Duke, Logan Nettles, and Matti Kuisma locked-in world championship invitations. Julian Wellman, Jim Davis, and Drew Baker were other Challengers to receive invitations.

Six additional invites are up for grabs. Players who finish in the top six by earning at least one match in the top eight bracket will receive invitations.

The Standard field was particularly successful during the Neon Dynasty Championship, particularly in the relatively stagnant Historic metagame. New Capenna further bolstered some already established ones. Esper Midrange, Jund Midrange, and Grixis Vampires were all new archetypes that took advantage of the three-color spells and mana fixing from the previous set.

Both Jeskai Storm and Jeskai Hinata had a decent presence in the top eight appearances. Overall, the triomes made a big difference in the number of decks that were running.

Some players wished to see the absence of basic lands floating around in the game using land destruction decks. Not a single one of these decks surpassed the standard number 20, but it was an interesting performance from a few brave competitors.

By the end of the Swiss rounds, food, Izzet Phoenix, Selesnya Humans, and Rakdos Arcanist all stood at the top of the Historic field.

The Blue Tarmogoyf, the Blue Tarmogoyf, is a fairly advanced card that does not require much effort beyond having it on the battlefield. It surpassed historic expectations in every eternal format so far.

On the Magic Twitch channel, the New Capenna Championship top eight starts on May 22 at 11am.