How to get all Minikits in Damerons Defiance in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

How to get all Minikits in Damerons Defiance in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga ...

In this epic space battle, you must be very thorough in your attacks on the First Order Dreadnought to get all five Minikits in the Damerons Defiance level. Leave no piece of it intact and be sure to destroy specific key targets.

The locations of the five Minikits in Damerons Defiance are:

The first Minikit will consist of ten red structures on the surface of the First Order Dreadnought. There are six in the middle, two on the other side. They''ll be sent to your blaster cannons.

To get the second Minikit this time its 7 antennae, there are three on the deck either side of the tower, one in front of the tower on the ships right side, and one at the very front of the ship.

The third Minikit will only be destroyed by one object on the First Order Dreadnought, but it''s quite well hidden. Underneath the ship, towards the rear, there is an object with a red circle on it. Shoot that, and the Minikit will appear. Fly into it to collect it.

When you get the fourth Minikit during the third phase of the battle, youve switch to first-person (inside the cockpit) and youre defending the Resistance bombers. A small rocket with a bright yellow trail will weave from side to side in front of you. Shoot it to get the Minikit.

When the resistance is down to one bomber, you have to shoot down one of the TIE Barons to obtain the fifth and final Minikit. They are longer and pointier than TIE fighters, and they leave a pink trail. Shoot them down with Photon Torpedoes to complete the Return to Sender Challenge. Get all five Minikits to unlock the Resistance A-Wing (Micro).