Warzone 2 might have a different name, but a leak is causing graphic issues and an infinity Ward crunch

Warzone 2 might have a different name, but a leak is causing graphic issues and an infinity Ward cru ...

As Infinity Ward contemplates rebranding its Battle Royale, Warzone 2 might undergo a name change.

Infinity Wards Modern Warfare 2 is a sequel to Infinity Wards in 2019. The new Modern Warfare reboot was able to put Call of Duty back on the map for many, mainly due to its Battle Royale and Warzone.

MW2 is just around the corner, and it will bring Warzone 2 to the table at the end. Activision is already promising groundbreaking innovations when Warzone 2s reveal.

It appears that recent leakers have the company''s number at every turn. The other day, a major Warzone 2 leak reveals the new map, gameplay, and loadout details.

A new post about the game is surfacing, as well as some gameplay.

Is Warzone 2 Considering Having a New Battle Royale Name?

Despite the Battle Royales'' great reputation, Warzone 2 might change its name.

This is a false claim from a new 4chan post, and we know what you think.

We wouldn''t consider this as a reliable source, but this time it came alongside a source of alleged video footage of the new DMZ mode!

It''s possible that Infinity Ward may be considering abandoning the Warzone branding as a result of the poster.

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This is because of the Battle Royale''s poor player perception that some employees might prefer to withdraw. It''s certainly true that Warzone''s reputation has weakened since its incredible 2020 release.

In the end, many players have expressed their desire to wipe the board completely with Warzone 2.

The leaker focuses on the graphics of Warzone 2.

This Modern Warfare 2 gameplay leak last week may have gotten a look at them yourself!

Due to the last-gen consoles still holding back the title, players should not expect a significant increase in graphical fidelity this year. Of course, we anticipate that there will at least be a slightly nicer-looking version of the game for an additional cost on next-gen units as usual.

Right now, the leaker claims that Warzone 2 decisions are taking place swiftly, with move fast and breaking things as the developers motto. Falling through the Battle Royale map is apparently a common problem, and new versions of the game are often.

While passion is supposedly high in Infinity Ward right now, crunch is reportedly awful. As such, the leaker expects the team to be putting down a lot of fumes following its release.

We can only hope that this portion of the leak proves to be untrue. However, as we mentioned before, this whole report must be taken lightly, before further evidence is presented.

Another tease claimed that these fan-favorite MW2 maps will be added to the Warzone 2s map! It''s nice to see some iconic locations as part of the Battle Royale experience.

The upgrade of SBMM, a call of duty feature, will be apparent in Modern Warfare 2. It is a mishap for individuals who prefer Skill-Based Matchmaking.

Another recent disclosure reveals that the new game may allow players to trade skins and blueprints!

What are you looking out for most recent leaks?