The Best Weapons in Soulcalibur 6, Ranked

The Best Weapons in Soulcalibur 6, Ranked ...

The SoulCalibur series has been known for giving players different weapons since it was given the "Calibur" part of its name. In previous games, different weapons would have different characteristics, but in SoulCalibur 6, weapons can only receive different bonuses by using modifiers placed on them in the Libra of Souls mode.

Players may use a sculpted character to explore the world, meet new people, and avoid new rewards for a Soul Charge boost. Which weapons have the most advantages to make getting those bonuses a breeze? And which ones look the most stylish in the battle?

5 Cervantes: Long Sword & Pistol Sword

Cervantes has fallen quite a bit since his time as a final manager in Soul Blade. So, why do his cutlass and 17th Century gun blade be on the list? Because they are cheap enough to make the grind in Libra of Souls much easier.

Because the game''s AI doesn''t know how to combat his Dark Geo Da Ray (Back+B+K) move, players may be struck with this combo when theyre getting up to make making getting those upgrades easy. Just be careful trying those moves online. They might turn the CPU into a shamble, but other astute human beings may find a way around them.

4 Azwel: Bipolar Pulse Enhancement Device

The player will be led to Azwel, who is not a stranger to incorporating sci-fi into its fantasy setting. But Azwel brings in secret organizations, artificial evil energy, and his bizarre weapon. The other one has a fragment of Soul Edge. Together, they can form a combination of weapons from dual swords to a spear and a shield.

In SoulCalibur 2, a similar to Necrids'', it might also take the form of other characters weapons. However, Azwels'' moves put up a better appearance against the rest of the cast. He has particularly beneficial matchups against nimble fighters such as Xianghua, or even against the aforementioned Cervantes. Also, mastering Azwel might aid their opponent back in their position.

3 2B: Virtuous Contract & Virtuous Treaty

Cheesing as Cervantes may be good enough for the computer, but remembering it in competitive play is another matter. NieR''s guest character 2B offers a dual sword style that isn''t particularly expensive most of the time, nevertheless. There will always be one opponent who will be called foul if they cannot.

2B takes the game off the beat, which is simple to play, but difficult to master. From the start, players may get good results with her, enough to annoy certain opponents. They will then learn new methods and techniques to deal with quicker strikers like Taki and Maxi. The YoRHA Squadrons top android offers a good, gradual amount of depth.

2 Ivy Valentine: Snake Sword

According to EventHubs, the SoulCaliburs resident dominatrix is on the verge of getting up close and personal, while using the broadsword technique to keep them away. However, any opponent with bad intentions will soon be made to behave themselves, especially Mitsurugi users and, fittingly enough, the SoulCaliburs resident gimp Voldo.

Ivy is a hard character to get to grips with. She has a wide range of stances, as well as a variety of ways to switch from one point to another. For decades, her games, Summon Suffering and Calamity Symphony, have had fans straining over their difficulties. But, while players may use her to dominate their opponents, Ivy may end up making them kneel before her.

1 Nightmare: Soul Edge

The Azure Knight, which was originally the evil, was forced to transform into its own dark form. Nightmare uses the infamous Soul Edge, a massive Zweihander that corrupts and possesss its user. Although it may be difficult to understand, it may be too easy. Since his debut on the Dreamcast''s top rated game, the character has been known for his aggressive moves and cheap tactics.

Players found ways to challenge the game with him by using the Sega Bass Fishing controller or pressing the buttons with their feet. Yet, Nightmare''s worst attempts have been nerfed since Siegfried''s separation. However, he isn''t capable of achieving so well in each game in the series. However, his attempts are aimed at keeping opponents away. If players can handle Soul Edge, they may make quick work of short-range characters such as Talim or Taki. Both chances will be disappointing.