Luis Ruelas likes RHONJ's fame, according to Margaret Josephs

Luis Ruelas likes RHONJ's fame, according to Margaret Josephs ...

Margaret Josephs spoke out about her fiance Teresa Giudices, Luis Ruelas, and his perception that she does not like the attention he received since joining him on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

According to Page Six, the RHONJ co-stars had a season-long feud that was spawned when Josephs highlighted Ruelas'' uncertain past, including a controversial video of him during a male bonding retreat and rumors of a violent past. To be antagonized, to be questioned, nothing. Im in the public eye, not Louie.

Ruelas became agitated when Giudice argued with her co-stars in his defense at the time. At one point, he agreed to leave with him. I''ve ever worked hard. You have never had to work a day in your life. How lucky is that? Lets move into our 15,000 square-foot house, right?

Lores Catania liked that the businessman told Giudice that he would save her from all of the drama and that she wouldn''t have to work if she doesn''t want to.

Melissa Gorga agreed to say, "Why do we have to answer to anyone or do this?" she said. Hes not. They have to. They would simply not do this if they don''t want.

Josephs had a different perspective on the situation.

Said Luis Ruelas, Margaret Josephs, Begins with the RHONJ Attention

On the aftershow, Josephs revealed that she disagrees with her co-stars on the knight in Ruelas'' shining armor look.

Ruelas is a d*** swinger, according to the Caviar Dreams Tuna Fish Budgetauthor. If Ruelas didn''t think Giudice should work so hard, he wouldnt push her to make a $7,500 appearance.

Josephs added that if he meant that, she wouldnt be upset all the time. This would not be the story, but he would not be so irritated, angry, and they would be jetting off.

I think he loves this more than she does, according to Josephs about Ruelas'' newfound existence in the spotlight.

Jackie Goldschneider chimed in to note that if Giudice really wanted to save her man from the spotlight, she would not take part in the program. She added that she believes Giudice or Ruelas will never do that even for their relationship.

Margaret Josephs Previously said she loves Luis Ruelas more than Teresa Giudice.

While Josephs said Ruelas is a bit harsh, she has come to his defense in the past. In May 2022, Josephs said everyone wanted Ruelas to win.

Josephs added, in the midst of her desire to confront Giudice, that truthfully, at this point, I love [Luis] ten times more than she is.

I don''t intend to hurt him in any way, she said. And he''s much sweeter to me than she is at this point. I''m unaware what he is, but he''s much easier to talk to after the fact.

Josephs told Entertainment Tonight that Giudice really needed to take responsibility for putting Ruelas in the spotlight, which was what caused his past to be discovered.