Javicia Leslie of Batwoman talks about a possible return in Arrowverse scripts like The Flash

Javicia Leslie of Batwoman talks about a possible return in Arrowverse scripts like The Flash ...

Batwoman''s surprise departure last month after three seasons left fans heartbroken with social media campaigns and even billboards across the United States, still failing to deliver the show.

Javicia Leslie, who plays Ryan Wilder/Batwoman, may not be lost all of her hope, but she has said that she would return to the role in a heartbeat, whether it be a Batwoman-centric project or a Arrowverse show.

"If my schedule permits it, I''m always down to play in Gotham," she said in an exclusive interview. "I think Batwoman is at this point a part of my fiber. I think the most remarkable part is that it was a character that we created. It''s not something I have to play into, it''s something we created out of ourselves and ourselves."

Leslie said she must pay special attention to any new characters she portrays to ensure they depart from Ryan and the anxieties she faced along the way.

"It will always be a part of me, regardless. It''s almost so an part of me that in this particular film I''m playing in right now, I''m like: ''Wait, Ryan would do that. We''ve got to try something different,'' says the writer. They put a flannel out in my dressing room, and I''m like: ''I can''t wear a flannels. You''ve got to try something different.

"If Batwoman comes back, it''s amazing. But if not, I''ll have to work for the next few months to get rid of myself a bit from the protagonist."

Leslie expressed her sincere gratitude for the support and hope that it enabled people to feel like they had never previously shared.

"It''s never been done. We haven''t had a female Black lead as a superhero show, but she''s also gay, and I think it''s just a fantastic blend of diversity, in a way that you''re able to truly represent a vast community of people who have not encountered them.

"So my words to those supporters are: I see you. It may not have been seen before, but because of this role, and honestly, only because of what I''ve learned, my own understanding, and my own experiences. I see you."

In the United States, Batwoman appeared on The CW and E4 in the United Kingdom.