7 Hilarious Sanic Memes from Sonic The Hedgehog

7 Hilarious Sanic Memes from Sonic The Hedgehog ...

Sonic the Hedgehog is a legend for all the reasons. He is a blue hedgehog who has appeared in many of the 16th-century games, and has become a mascot that can go toe-to-toe with Nintendos ached plumber. Sanic Hegehog is also a famous character.

This crudely drawn version of the blue mammal, initially created by YouTuber 0nyxheart in 2010 and using Microsoft Paint, is always eager to go fast and always wants opponents to step up. He has also been in his fair share of memes. Here are some of them featuring the spooky hegehog.

7 Gotta Do Math!

TheBlackHoleofDoom, a Reddit user, has a creative meme that looks at first like another picture of Sanic, but upon closer inspection, this image is believable.

The arms and legs are separated, the eyes are an infinity symbol with two decimal points, and the spikes on the back are made of parentheses and the V for velocity. It makes sense to make Sanic out of the symbols that bind the universe.

6 Gotta Go Fuel!

G-Fuel, an energy drink and supplement company, is a prominent figure in the gaming community, by being a sponsor of YouTubers and streamers, including PewDiePie and MoistCr1TiKaL. Its products come in a wide spectrum of flavors, including, of all things, chili dogs(?).

On April 1st, 2021, G-Fuel promoted a special Sanic-themed energy drink mix, along with a special cup with Sanic plastered on it. This was not just a April Fools joke, but a real product that people might actually buy. The link in the announcement has now been 404 page, but customers can still get two Sonic-themed flavors.

5 Skyrim Belongs To The Sanics

Skyrim is still being played a decade after its initial release. With its stunning landscapes, rich lore, and a host of characters, the game is still up to date, as well as fan mods.

Players may choose which race of creature to play at the beginning of Skyrim. This mod takes the Sanic race in a video from YouTuber VideoGameDunkey, which has been posted by Reddit user Tkamran1. Its strength is to go fast, but it is also weak. This mod fits the initial Sonic design for the 2020 Sonic the Hedgehog film.

4 Sanic Thinkr

On KnowYourMeme.com, you can see Sanic in the pose of Auguste Rodins'' classic sculpture, The Thinker. The image combines shading with colored pencil to create the illusion of dynamic light, and the outline is wavering and lingering.

As Sanic glares forward, this image perfectly captures his existential angst. What is fastness? Why should Sanic be going fast? In a larger study based on Dantes Inferno, Rodin first created The Thinker as a representation of Italian poet Dante, so maybe Sanic is experimenting with some rapid poetry.

3 Sanic The Elden Lord

Elden Ring has exploded across the internet not only for its vast open world and its challenging combat, but also for its engaging character creation. Players'' designs range from Samuel L. Jackson to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Sanic is a member of the Elden Ring family, and his Shining Horned Headband heists with Godly power and is ready for a fight with his Iron Balls on his fists. With the Elden Lord of Speed, now Lunar Princess Ranni will enter the new age of the Dark Moon.

2 Amiibo Amii-Go Fast!

Sanic is a famous art form on the internet, which has inspired many iterations. In this meme, Sanic is immortalized as an Amiibo.

Sanic is hand-sculpted on a base similar to Step It Up, and the Amiibo even comes in its own custom packaging, with a visual of Sanic up in potential buyers faces. NRFB: Never Remove From Box

1 Sanic Pop Art

Sanic, a Reddit user, is literally zooming through life after injecting enough caffeine to kill an elephant. Enough caffeine will make someone feel like Sanic.

On its own, this MS Paint image would be fantastic, but if one look more closely, one will discover that this image, along with the window, is completely hand-painted. The walls on the left side show that a steady hand drew out the elements. This masterwork honoring the fastest hegehog around is a worthy item of being placed in a museum.