Farewell Screenings for 'Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure' at Circle K Market

Farewell Screenings for 'Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure' at Circle K Market ...

The historical site of Bill S. Preston, Esq., and "Ted" Theodore Logan''s career is now closed for good. The Circle K market in Tempe, Arizona, where "strange things are afoot," was sold and the employees were transferred, but not before it honored the cult classic that made it famous. On Wednesday, the market gave one final nod to Bill & Ted''s Excellent Adventure, which premiered permanently the following day.

The film''s titular "excellent adventure" begins at the Circle K, where Bill (Alex Winter) and Ted (Keanu Reeves) are scrambling on their literally history-defining history reports. It''s then that Rufus (George Carlin) descends in a time-traveling phone booth to assist the two future great ones complete the assignment by taking them through time itself. Just like that, the small, inconspicuous market grew into a historical film landmark.

The special screenings at Harkins Theatres in the parking lot where the program began, attracting a huge crowd of fans, some dressed as high schoolers for the occasion. It was a fun affair for everyone to enjoy, thanks to a beach chair, a popcorn truck, headphones, and a massive screen mounted to the back of the Circle K. They even paid tribute to some 80s tunes before the show.

Everyone in attendance was also treated to a video from Bill himself. "Thanks to Harkins Cinema for putting on this amazing event," Winter said in the video message. "It''s a powerful way to send off the Circle K, not only by drawing from the Kansas song, but by giving out a clear statement. "With that, I hope you enjoyed Bill & Teds'' Excellent Adventure." Winter had originally heard of the store''s closing via Twitter and released a succinct, perfect statement, saying,

"We are honored to be able to commemorate this historic movie location," Harkins Theatres owner says. "Moviegoers will be transported throughout the day to experience all they love about Bill & Teds at Circle K," he adds. Before closing the store, Circle K issued a statement saying, "The accusations aren''t bogus. We are planning to operate our store at 1010 W. Southern Avenue in Tempe, which has had some of the most successful times in its career."

The Circle K may be gone, but the memories of the exceptional adventure will never be forgotten. Check out the clip below to see the iconic scene that put this little market on the map, dude:

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