This old Ark cursor bug might thrash the new legion raid

This old Ark cursor bug might thrash the new legion raid ...

A dangerous new Lost Ark cursor glitch has affected theMMO game, which is often misplaced, particularly when it comes to undertaking the new legion raid that was added to the fantasy game as part of the May update.

This new bug, which appears to have been previously discovered in the recently May update, is causing items such as health potions to become stuck to the mouse pointer. This isn''t just a cosmetic problem, as it stops playing from clicking on anything.

Players think the primary concern for this is to reload ormoveto a new area, such as by teleporting, which will not assist anyone who takes on the Valtan boss in the May updates massive new Lost Ark legion raid. If the bug hits, players are stuck in the battle with no way to flee or help fight Valtan. This is the way friendships are lost.

Lost Ark has just returned from an extensive maintenance with some compensation for players, but there is no indication if this bug was one of the reasons for the game going offline or if its fixed yet. Till the discovery, it''s best to stay off the new raid for the time being.

GAME BREAKING VALTAN BUG ruined the entire raid by failing to have the ability to click!!! from lostarkgame

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