Jon Huertas, star of This Is Us, responds to those who didn't like Miguel

Jon Huertas, star of This Is Us, responds to those who didn't like Miguel ...

This is the reason Jon Huertas, who plays Miguel Rivas in the National Guard, has criticised his character''s initial unpopularity.

With the backdrop of his and Jack Pearson''s alleged rivalry, Miguel was a real treat since the first season of the family drama.

Huertas talked about this topic almost exclusively to Digital Spy recently.

"At the start of the season, when they first revealed that Miguel was married to Rebecca, people had a completely understandable reaction to this coupling. But as an actor, you want your characters to be similar. It''s kind of how you keep your job," Huertas said, before revealing how he and the writers combined to alter the movement.

"There was an outcry that: ''Hey man, the audience isn''t liking this character.'' Is that what we''re going for?'' "It''s what we''re going for?'' "It''s what we''re going for,'' says the writers. "And, if it''s not, how are we going to turn this around? "

"It took a while, I think, to sort of make the character discover who Miguel was. "It was fantastic that... I worked with the writers to bring Miguel to life. At the start, his name was Mike. It wasn''t even Miguel."

"We had to re-record the dialogue with the other actors," the star of The Castle and Sabrina the Teenage Witch said. Because they had said ''Mike'' when we were filming, then they had to go in and modify it to Miguel."

Miguel''s overtures on "the achievement" of the Pearson clan have also been weighed in.

Miguel earned a job from Jack. He was his champion in this promotion. Miguel was always trying to make sure that Jack was always there for his kids, taking care of his family, and doing the appropriate thing for his children.

"I''d notice audience members notice that during the six seasons, and discussing it [on social media]... It was small smatterings of chatter at the beginning, and by the end, I was in the deep end with all of the viewers of the show.

"They''d finally discovered, I think, that Miguel... there were no nefarious intentions from him to steal Rebecca from Jack. So it was nice to see this gradual thing. People loved Jack from the start. And that''s cool. It''s more interesting to gain someone''s love, and gain someone''s trust," Huertas said.

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This Is Us was released on NBC in the United States, and on Amazon Prime in the United Kingdom, as well as Disney+ in the United Kingdom.