Watch Dogs Players Discuss Their Future in the City Of New York

Watch Dogs Players Discuss Their Future in the City Of New York ...

Fans of Watch Dogs have been talking about where Ubisoft should start the series next after the Watch Dogs Legion, with players believing that it would be better to avoid American cities in future games and avoid GTA.

Fans of Watch Dogs may see Ubisoft''s take on modern New York, but the rest of the game would rather play outside the United States, according to MichaelBonfanti. There are also other games that follow the city''s post-apocalyptic version in The Division.

Ubisoft should have canceled American locations to mitigate harmful comparisons to GTA. In case you don''t know, Rockstar''s iconic series is undoubtedly connected to American culture, therefore you shouldn''t expect it to immediately announce GTA 6 in Europe. This opens certain suitable possibilities for Watch Dogs, as fans believe the next chapter should be set in a technologically advanced Asian city like Tokyo, Singapore, or Hong Kong. It''s not just us here who miss Sleeping Dogs.

Other popular suggestions include Barcelona, Budapest, Cairo, Paris, Madrid, Mexico City, and even Dubai. Many believe the developers should keep an eye on the present day. The first games were about "a theoretical scenario that could happen right now, without the need for futuristic technology," and enthusiasts wish they would return to their roots.

One Redditor believes that not many cities are involved in the current problems with technology, data, technology, and government intervention, like American cities. If Ubisoft carries on the franchise with another European or Asian location, the developers would have to use more futuristic versions of today''''s cities, like the one we saw in Deus Ex: Mankind, the same.

It''s up to Ubisoft to decide where to start in Watch Dogs. According to SuperData, Legion sold almost two million digital units in just three days, so the series is most likely to continue.