If you like 365 days, here are 9 movies to watch

If you like 365 days, here are 9 movies to watch ...

The Polish film 365 DNI, or 365 Days in English, has had a huge success since it was released on Netflix in 2020. Many fell quickly for Laura and Massimo, no matter how unsensical the film''s story was.

While the sequel, 365 Days: This Day has now been released, it remains to be true for many enthusiasts, many of whom are now looking for similarly steamy mainstream films to suit their demands for more from this increasingly popular sub-genre. There are also many similar films that have been released outside the polish thriller and the Fifty Shades of Grey series in the past ten years.

9 Nymphomaniac

Release Date December 25, 2013
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As a woman referred to Joe recounts her numerous sexual encounters over the years, the film Lars Von Triers is chock full of sexual scenes. While the cast may be much more well-known than many of these similarly abusive films, there is nothing hidden in the shady scenes.

It''s interesting to see these things being taken to the screen, but it is also a form of a romantic film that does not refer to people ending up together or happy.

8 After

Release Date April 12, 2019
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After is less concerned with explicit scenes and concentrates more on Tessa''s loving, turbulent relationship with bad boy Hardin. While the book from which the film was originally inspired by One Direction, it hasnt limited the film''s success. After all, many of the most generic rom-coms are fantastic.

The choice of movies that are up to scratch is up for debate amongst fans and critics, but if anyone hasn''t seen it yet, then it is still a good time to get on the hype train as another two sequels and a prequel are planned for the franchise. There are certainly plenty of scary scenes to delight 365 Days fans.

7 The Voyeurs

Release Date September 10, 2021
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While The Voyeurs is somewhat of a break from the traditional style of 365 Days, this story about a young couple becoming obsessed with their neighbors'' sex life will enthuse fans equally. Sydney Sweeney and Justice Smith portray a young woman who cannot take her eyes off another couple, and her increasingly cruel boyfriend.

While The Voyeurs focuses more on the thriller aspect and only has a few more steamier scenes, it focuses on the taboo sex that some fans of 365 Days might be interested in. The twists and turns that the film takes along the way are fascinating and will keep audiences hooked until the end.

6 Below Her Mouth

Release Date April 28, 2017
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Below Her Mouth, a film about a young woman engaged to a male who meets a confident lesbian, is filled with sexual scenes and has been praised for its aggressiveness.

Although the film is failing on a more dramatic level, critics argue that viewers should benefit from what it brings and the two characters'' emotional journeys throughout. Below Her Mouth is a documentary about a number of LGBT misconceptions that are common, but it does it rightfully and will provide useful viewing opportunities for fans of the sub-genre.

5 Newness

Release Date January 25, 2017
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Nicholas Hoult and Laia Costa are a pair of millennials who meet on a dating app and begin a relationship. After they both cheat on each other, they decide to have a difficult relationship, which begins causing disagreements.

Newness is teased with sexual scenes featuring the couple and each of them individually sleeping with other people. Both the emotional and sexual aspects of modern dating will enthuse fans of 365 Days, who are in the midst of this modern dating culture. None of the films on this list are fantastic but Newness seeks to get things to a better conclusion than some others above and below it.

4 Elles

Release Date April 27, 2012
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Elles should be a success. A journalist writing an article on prostitution, this French/Polish film focuses on a variety of sexual and emotional issues.

The movie focuses on interviews between the journalist and two prostitutes as they recount many of their experiences over the years, as well as how they feel about their work. Elles also explains how this later affects the journalist and her husband. Although it is a quieter, more contemplative film than some others included in this article, it does well in keeping the scenes still sturdy.

3 Shame

Release Date December 2, 2011
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Shame, directed by Steve McQueen, is a sex addict with an understanding of sexual addiction. Fassbender is a guy who has frequent sex with prostitutes and watches a lot of pornography. Brandon''s situation is dreadful as a result of the realistic depiction of how a sex addict operates.

While fans of 365 Days may enjoy this softer take on the erotic genre, Shame does deal with a number of sensitive issues that make it difficult to look.

2 Amar

Release Date April 21, 2017
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Amar is a documentary about a shady relationship that lasts for one year, and they learn to love each other as if every day was their last together, and Laura dreams of becoming pregnant one day as she breaks away from her previous life.

Amar is focused primarily on the relationship between these two people, but it also has a tumultuous number of steamier sex scenes that audiences were happy by when it was first released in 2017. It''s also got a similar European vibe to 365 Days, despite the strain of the sudden relationship.

1 Through My Window

Release Date February 4, 2022
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Another Spanish film, Through My Window, has only recently released, but focuses on a couple fans of 365 Days who are absolutely thrilled. Raquel is a teenage girl obsessed with Ares, one of the three heirs to a huge company who lives in a mansion near her house.

Raquel discovers what she wants and ends up together, as long as a series of awkward conversations slow the relationship''s progress. Through My Window does not shy away from many moments of sharp glances that evolve by the end of the second act into the kinds of steamy scenes fans of 365 Days will cherish. It may not be one of the best recent comedies out there, but it is a fun and interesting film.