Kit Harington, star of Game of Thrones, will debut his next major film

Kit Harington, star of Game of Thrones, will debut his next major film ...

Kit Harington, star of Game of Thrones and Eternals, has given his next lead role.

According to Variety, Harington is set to star in an upcoming action thriller titled Blood for Dust that will be directed by Rod Blackhurst. Scoot McNairy and Josh Lucas of Fargo will also join him.

Cliff (McNairy), a travelling salesman struggling to make ends meet, and Ricky (Harington), a rich illegal weapons dealer, who bump into each other in hopes to avoid his money worries. Cliff, in turn, is willing to partner with Ricky in a risky job for John (Lucas) and an American cartel manager expanding supply of drugs and guns across the country.

Cliff admits to alter his station wagon to carry drugs across the border reluctantly, but things soon turn ugly when a seemingly simple exchange goes wrong. Cliff is faced with the real dangers of his new life.

The film was adapted by David Ebeltoft, from a story co-written by Blackhurst and Ebeltoft, while Noah Lang, Mark Fasano, and Bernard Kira were all producers.

Blackhurst expressed his gratitude to Harington and the rest of the cast members for their dedication to this project.

"While Blood For Dust is a story based on our times, it''s also a breath-taking journey involving family, pain, greed, and mobile defibrillator units, the American dream, and its shortcomings there," Blackhurst said in a statement.

"I''m beyond grateful to be getting into the trenches with Scoot McNairy, Kit Harington, and Josh Lucas, both fathers, who are as myself working to help our families cope with our difficulties, while expressing hope for the future of our times.

Harington has also appeared in Marvel''s Eternals, while McNairy has also appeared in Argo, Gone Girl, and Narcos: Mexico. Lucas'' appearances include Sweet Home Alabama, Undertow, and Ford v Ferrari.

Blood For Dust isn''t having a date for the release.

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