The RHOBH star unveils a designer dress she will always treasure

The RHOBH star unveils a designer dress she will always treasure ...

When Sutton Stracke posted a photo of one of her favorite dresses she wore on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she caught the eye of fashion detectives.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the 50-year-old SUTTON boutique owner is known for her unusual appearance, and she is also a personal friend of famous Italian design duo Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana after meeting them at a fashion show in Italy.

Stracke gave Dolce & Gabbanas the best in 2020. Every year, they give me tiaras for my birthday. It''s really funny.

Dolce & Gabbana is fantastic. She added that they bring you into the family... You fall in love with Stefano and Domenico, and you fall in love with Italy, and then you fall in love with the clothes. It''s a true, true love affair, and I found that something is quite remarkable.

Fans Slammed Sutton Strackes D& G Dress

Sutton Stracke''s post (@suttonstracke) has been shared.

Stracke wore many designer outfits during her first season of RHOBH, but it was her season finale dress that caught fans eye. Strackes'' lacy white floral-print finale dress was a Dolce & Gabbana dress from their 2019 Spring Collection.

Stracke made a resurrected dress for an Instagram post on May 2022 that depicted her posing with Dolce at an event. I will always treasure this dress!! she captioned the pic. Not only from my karaoke moment with Dolce and Gabbana but also my first party dress for #rhobh. Can''t wait for #altamoda this summer

Some Strackes followers were not fanatics of the throwback look. One commenter described the dress as the worst, and another described it as Spongebobish.

What is the world r u wearing Sutton!? just BC it costs a lot of $$ does not mean it looks good!! One commenter wrote.

Im sorry, it''s a blouse for a younger lady or girl, according to another. Its haute couture and generally would be worn on a runway or special occasion. For the most part, it''s not age-appropriate for you. But for the sake of it, too. Also, it''s fugly.

Sutton has a genuine friend who could reveal her the truth in a risque looking dress that might cost a fortune.

If the dress was from Walmart, would you wear it? Another asks the RHOBH star.

Stracke was asked to look into and reflect on D&G''s statements over the years, according to another follower.

According to Fashionista, the famed designers have a controversial history that includes racial insensitive ad campaigns and abusive social media behavior.

Stracke previously defended the controversial group, stating that they have a true heart and would never try and hurt anyone. That would never be their endgame at all. I believe there may be a language barrier there. It''s just been misconstrued or tangled up.

Sutton Stracke Leaves No Longer Lets Comments About Her Fashion Bother Her

Stracke has handled fashion critics even since she joined RHOBH. In 2022, she told Page Six that she no longer lets her critics comments bother her.

In May 2022, an author said that people didn''t seem to understand my fashion choices. I love couture and it''s all about slow fashion and meticulous detail. It doesn''t matter to a lot of people, however, because it''s a bit different, but it''s a bit different.

The Bravo star slammed back to those who suggest she should slap her stylist.

I am my stylist, she said. I like myself, and I wouldnt have it anywhere else. Only because if I dislike it, then I''ll not feel comfortable. I don''t like people telling me what to wear.