If you like 'Succession,' here are 7 excellent TV shows from (Mostly) bad people to watch

If you like 'Succession,' here are 7 excellent TV shows from (Mostly) bad people to watch ...

Successionis is a one-of-a-kind television drama of the past decade, arguably the most popular drama that is still on the air. Despite the general belief that most of the characters in the show are fairly terrible people, they are rich, entitled, and selfish, and yet despite these concerns, their inter-family drama remains compelling for many.

Succession is far from the first show to feature heavily flawed characters, even if it does take the concept to broadening new heights in many ways. There are plenty of shows to explore that horrifying character itch that you might have following Succession''s most recent season.

''''The Sopranos'''' (1999 - 2007)

The Sopranos is considered one of the first big shows to fill its cast with inspiring and flawed individuals, and it was remarkable when it came to what might be shown on a television show, and what its main actors might effectively accomplish. The Sopranos follows mob boss Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini) with a desire to avoid the damage he causes to the world he''s nearing.

Although most people are not well-known, it may be better now, but having the main character of a TV show murder someone in cold blood on screen was a huge deal back in 1999. Tony commits his first on-screen murder in the fifth episode of the show, which includes the first of several things, but the show always ensures that the characters feel fully human. Even though some people aren''t good, some have at least a quality or two that elicits some appreciation.

''''Arrested Development'''' (2003 - 2019)

Arrested Development is a comedic example of a show about (mostly) terrible people. Unlike Succession, it does focus on a wealthy, neglected family, though it is a result of how they''re confronted with difficult situations and more everyday difficulties that they can''t comprehend, while their empire crumbles.

Interestingly, the show''s main character, Michel Bluth, was no longer the only "sane man" in the family, so to speak, but his many personal values were reduced as the seasons progressed. But equally, the characters are all so entertaining (and confronting enough misfortune) that they''re never truly frustrating to watch.

''''Seinfeld'''' (1989 - 1998)

Seinfeld isn''t a documentary about anything. It''s about the tiny, annoying things in life, really, and how many small difficulties can add up, compound, and cause fear. It''s also about how to not deal with these difficulties, and that''s a lesson that its four main protagonists - who are all capable of doing some awful things - never seem to learn.

As a result of not learning, their hilarious misadventures continued for almost an entire decade. It all ended with a controversial but fitting finale, where they were finally held accountable for their tens of thousands of - maybe even hundreds - of misdeeds committed throughout the season in a court of law. But given that many of the problems were minor, the show was essentially about little things. Obviously, if you look at George Costanza (Jason Alexander) in Season 5''s finale

''It''s Always Sunny in Philadelphia'' (2005 - )

It''s Always Sunny in Philadelphia takes what makes Seinfeld compelling and turns it up to 11. At the risk of simplifying it, the main characters are equally awful perhaps even more so and through their selfish, petty, or even criminal actions, often receive some sort of karmic comeuppance for simply being bad people.

It''s also a fun way to feel grounded and cartoonish, thus the show''s occasionally extreme humor should not offend excessively, and the fact that the show makes it clear we should be laughing at the characters, while their stupidity or ignorance means it doesn''t feel tasteless. And still, the characters themselves; as individuals? You certainly wouldn''t want to know them in a real lie.

''''Breaking Bad'''' (2008 - 2013)

Walter White (Bryan Cranston) is a seemingly normal father who is unable to pay for his expensive cancer treatment, and he is concerned for his family''s well-being if he passed away. So he starts a strategy to sell meth to help you fund both goals.

It''s how far he takes this business that demonstrates Walt''s true colors, and while he''s sympathetic in the previous seasons, his greed and hubris frustrate him to the point where he becomes villainous. The film''s writing, acting, and filmmaking skills are still demonstrates. The drama of the third-last episode of Breaking Bad has been a real relief.

''''Oz'''' (1997 - 2003)

Oz is a tough and brutal film populated with dozens of characters who are often menacing, tortured, violent, or all of the above. It''s located in a fictional high-security prison that houses many of America''s most dangerous prisoners, and even worse, many of the guards and authority figures are not saints themselves.

It''s the sort of show where even the decent characters must put up a front, or otherwise they''ll collapse within the prison''s walls. The constant danger and death ensure it might not be a show for everyone, but the characters are incredible, and it''s the kind of TV show that really sticks with you for the better or worse.

''''Mad Men'''' (2007 - 2015)

Mad Men is an interesting example of a show with many flawed characters. Few characters are outright irredeemably awful, and even fewer ever do anything violent (compared to many well-known modern crime shows, for example), but almost everybody in the show has some kind of inner demon or demons they''re dealing with, and no one is free of flaws.

It makes for a fantastic (and very grown-up) drama, and the fact that the characters have realistic, less extreme personality flaws makes the whole show feel very believable. It kept viewers engaged for eight years, all the way up until its powerful and satisfying finale for a variety of reasons, but its great cast of flawed and very real characters was certain to be one of the main ones.

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