How To Make Kibble In Ark Survival Evolved

How To Make Kibble In Ark Survival Evolved ...

Ark: Survival Evolved is a great survival adventure that allows players to build powerful bases, survive on a dry island, and tame animals from dinosaurs to giant turtles. Taming is an important part of the skill set, and requires proper food.

Taming Animals can be a real challenge if players don''t have the appropriate food. It''s often a lengthy process that requires a lot of time, time, and patience, and even after all this there''s still a chance that players will fail. Kibble is an extremely useful resource in Ark: Survival Evolved and will undoubtedly make their lives much easier.

What Kibble Is Used For

Kibble is a natural food item that can be used to tame creatures at its simplest rate. It speeds up the process when the player is initially taming the dinosaur of their choice, making it much more efficient and not as resource-intensive.

While it may expedite the taming process as a whole, it also has other features that may help save the player''s life or improve their performance. In addition to feeding Kibble to a creature to grind it will give them better stats once the process has been completed. This may make them stronger, healthier, or quicker depending on the animal. Luckily, the Kibble is one of the most easy recipes in Ark: Survival Evolved, which requires only a few ingredients and even fewer machines to make

The Ingredients

Due to the fact that there are six different versions of Kibble available on Ark''s console version, selecting the one player should make all depends on the creature they''re intending to sue. Each creature will prefer a different type of Kibble, and feeding them the wrong one will prove the opposite of effective.

This table shows the ingredients for Ark: Survival Evolved, the Console version.

Kibble Egg First Ingredient Second Ingredient Third Ingredient Fourth Ingredient Fifth Ingredient Sixth Ingredient
Basic Kibble Extra Small Egg Five Mejoberries Ten Amarberries Ten Tintoberries One Cooked Meat Five Fiber Water
Simple Kibble Small Egg Five Mejoberries Two Rockarrots One Cooked Fish Meat Five Fiber Water
Regular Kibble Medium Egg Two Longrass Two Savoroots One Cooked Meat Jerky Five Fiber Water
Superior Kibble Large Egg Two Citronal Two Rare Mushrooms One Prime Meat Jerky One Sap Five Fiber Water
Exceptional Kibble Extra Large Egg Ten Mejoberries One Rare Flower One Focal Chili Five Fiber Water
Extraordinary Kibble Special Egg Ten Mejoberries One Giant Bee Honey One Lazarus Chowder Five Fiber Water

The console version of this game only has five different versions of Kibble to feed to creatures. Unfortunately, the Mobile or Switch version has many more options, making it more specific to each animal and a little more challenging for the player.

This table shows the ingredients for Ark: Survival Evolved in the mobile and switch versions, based on what Kibble is to choose for each creature.

The Kibble For Each Creature Egg First Ingredient Second Ingredient
Tapejara Kibble Allosaurus Egg Savoroot Cooked Prime Meat
Carno Kibble Ankylo Egg Savoroot Prime Meat Jerky
Diplocaulus Kibble Archaeopteryx Egg Longrass Cooked Fish Meat
Spino Kibble Argentavis Egg Citronal Prime Meat Jerky
Megatherium Kibble Baryonyx Egg Savoroot Raw Fish Meat
Sabertooth Kibble Bronto Egg Rockarrot Cooked Meat Jerky
Bronto Kibble Turtle Egg Rockarrot Cooked Meat Jerky
Direwolf and Dire Bear Kibble Carno Egg Savoroot Cooked Meat
Iguanodon Kibble Compy Egg Citronal Cooked Fish Meat
Ankylo, Doedicurus, Equus, and Pachy Kibble Dilo Egg Citronal Cooked Meat Jerky
Gallimimus Kibble Dimetrodon Egg Citronal Cooked Meat Jerky
Megaloceros Kibble Dimorph Egg Longrass Cooked Meat
Allosaurus Kibble Diplo Egg Savoroot Rare Flower
Pteranodon, Ichthyosaurus, Mesopithecus Kibble Dodo Egg Rockarrot Cooked Meat
Terror Bird, Castoroides Kibble Gallimimus Egg Savoroot Cooked Meat Jerky
Royal Griffin, Unicorn Kibble Griffin Egg Savoroot, Longrass, Citronal Cooked Prime Meat Snake Plant Seeds
Daeodon Kibble Iguanodon Egg Rare Mushroom Prime Meat Jerky
Angler Kibble Kairuku Egg Savoroot Cooked Meat
Diplodocus Kibble Lystro Egg Rockarrot Cooked Prime Meat
Therizinosaur Kibble Megalosaurus Egg Rockarrot Two Prime Meat Jerky
Purlovia Kibble Moschops Egg Savoroot Cooked Meat Jerky
Megalosaurus Kibble Oviraptor Egg Longrass Prime Meat Jerky
Paracer Kibble Pachy Egg Citronal Cooked Meat
Baryonyx Kibble Pachyrhino Egg Citronal Cooked Prime Fish Meat
Raptor Kibble Parasaur Egg Longrass Cooked Meat
Archaeopteryx Kibble Pelagornis Egg Citronal Ten Chitin
Carbonemys Kibble Pteranodon Egg Rockarrot Cooked Meat
Rex, Beelzebufo Kibble Pulmonoscorpius Egg Longrass Prime Meat Jerky
Mosasaurus,Giganotosaurus, Dimetrodon Kibble Quetzal Egg Three Rockarrots Three Prime Meat Jerky
Mammoth Kibble Raptor Egg Longrass Cooked Meat
Plesiosaur, Quetzal Kibble Rex Egg Longrass Prime Meat Jerky
Stegosaurus Kibble Sarco Eg Rockarrot Cooked Meat Jerky
Megalodon Kibble Spino Egg Savoroot Prime Meat Jerky
Argentavis Kibble Stego Egg Citronal Prime Meat jerky
Kaprosuchus Kibble Tapejara Egg Rockarrot Cooked Prime Meat
Wooly Rhino Kibble Terror Bird Egg Citronal Cooked Meat
Basilosaurus Kibble Therizino Egg Citronal AnglerGel
Gigantopithecus, Dunkleosteus Titanoboa Egg Longrass Cooked Meat Jerky
Sarco Trike Egg Savoroot Cooked Meat Jerky

How To Get Eggs

As players progress through the game, sometimes it''s difficult to create Extraordinary Kibble, but as they progress through the game and different resources begin to gain hold of, they should be able to grab the required ingredients. This is especially true for any type of Kibble, and the name hints at where the egg will come from.

Firstly, find a female dinosaur of the sizes players want the egg to be, Dodo''s can''t lay large Eggs, and a Triceratops can''t lay small Eggs. It''s worthwhile to find or taming a female creature and finding them a partner. This will be beneficial to the relationship, as long as they have two different gendered pets nearby. This should be evident as to if this has been done by the sign of a pink heart by their name

Once this is achieved, the player will only have to wait. If the creature is boosted then the player should not wait around the pen for the female to lay an egg. However, it''s worthwhile checking in every so often since it does not decompose 30 minutes after dropping.

The average female boosted creature has a great chance to drop an egg every 17 minutes. Players have eight-day before it spoils.

How To Make Kibble

Kibble itself may be accomplished using a Cooking Pot, an Industrial Cooker, or the TEK Kibble Processor. For ease, it''s worthwhile to use a cooking pot for the beginning of the game, given that it does not perform too much in terms of efficiency when it comes to making the Kibble Processor or the Industrial Cooker.

Take the ingredients for the Kibble and place them all into the Cooking Pot. Players on console will need to make sure they have at least 25 percent water in there before cooking. Then, add some thatch to the bottom of the fire to prevent the fire. This type of method will often result in something the player doesn''t desire, so be careful when it comes to making this recipe.

The player will have to wait 30 seconds to get the campfire on, and it will produce some Kibble. In brief steps, he must:

Ark: Survival Evolved is now available on Xbox, PlayStation, PC, Mobile, and Switch.