Javi Marroquins Son Has Been Added to Emergency Room

Javi Marroquins Son Has Been Added to Emergency Room ...

Javi Marroquin, who plays young son Eli, told reporters after spending the holidays in Ocean City, Maryland, during Memorial Day Weekend.

Marroquin said she''s keeping this little guy closer tonight. ER trip to finish out the perfect weekend. All good and finally sleeping. The MTV personality didn''t reveal any details about what happened.

Marroquin posted a video of Eli colliding a blue slide with sea animals on Day 2. He realized there were no photos of the linc, so an Eli photo dump is what you get, he captioned a post about Eli.

Marroquins son, whom he shares with his ex-fiancee Lauren Comeau, was eating a blue Italian ice, riding a scooter on the boardwalk, and sliding into the pool headfirst in pictures and videos. A little, bloodied scrape was visible on one of his knees.

Lincoln''s 8-year-old son Marroquin meets his ex-wife, Kailyn Lowry, in the first round of photo dumps. Photos showed him holding a football on the beach and playing on the beach with his friends.

The weather was bad at first, but the rain was halted at the end of day one in the books. Marroquin wishes everyone a happy and peaceful Memorial Day weekend.

Eli Had Been to the Emergency Room Before

Eli was taken to the hospital for the first time since Marroquin arrived back on social media several times.

Eli is growing and thriving to be a brave, intelligent, loving kid who has sent us to the ER more times in the last two months than I have my entire life (dare devil, not health related), he said. Lincoln continues to be a great friend, leader, and does not end playing some kind of sport. Living everyday attentively. Lets go!!!

Marroquin maintained that his children were growing, and that writing is great, and that my kids are thriving, and I continue to learn more about myself and where I am going to be.

Fans Accused Marroquin of Being Attention-Seeking

Javi Marroquin (@javim9) gives me a post.

Users on Reddit have blasted Marroquin for posting about the hospital visit, but for not giving much information.

If everything is fine, why not even mention the ER? Had anyone disclosed it. I hate vaguebooking, but read one popular comment.

It boggles my mind that any parent might think this is a social media moment, and you should read another top response.

Javi''s behavior is simple and outrageous. Take care of your sick kid, not having to post it on the phone, according to a third person.