Dungeons & Dragons' Top 5 Defensive Subclasses

Dungeons & Dragons' Top 5 Defensive Subclasses ...

The main characteristic of a character that has the greatest effect on your abilities, strengths, and impact on a party is your choice of class. The various subclasses make for a two-character character of the same class.

While some of you enjoy focusing on how much damage your character can do to their foes, protecting yourself and your allies can greatly improve a party''s survival chance. We''ll look at the various D&D classes and choose which offers the best defensive benefits!

5 Barbarian - Path Of The Totem Warrior (Bear)

Barbarians of the Path of the Totem Warrior are traditionally capable of displacing heavy damage while still being extremely bulky due to their high HP. While far from adept at preventing one''s friends from taking damage, Barbarians of the Path of the Totem Warrior are among the most durable characters in all of D&D.

When in their iconic rage, all Barbarians gain resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage, except for psychic. This basically halves all damage that would be dealt to their already substantial HP totals.

4 Wizard - School Of Abjuration

Although the Wizard class is often known as one of the most difficult in D&D, Wizards of the School of Abjuration are capable of reducing the damage that both they and their friends sustain. Once an Abjuration Wizard is reached, he has the ability to create an Arcane Ward when he spells an Abjuration.

This Ward has a HP that matches the Wizard''s level, plus its Intelligence modifier, and it takes all damage the Wizard would take as long as it''s active. Along with the Ward regaining HP when the Wizard casts an Abjuration spell if it''s depleted, a Wizard of this subclass is capable of using their reaction to produce damage for an ally. This helps a Wizard to keep their friends alive and fighting.

3 Artificer - Armorer

Armorers are artificers who specialize in boosting magical armor. This allows an Armorer to attain levels which can be difficult to spell, and is largely due to the class''s Armor Modifications feature. This allows the various parts of your armor to get the benefits of magical infusions.

When an Armorer attains level ten, an Artificer may have an armor class in the high 20s, which is considered to be among the highest in D&D.

2 Sorcerer - Clockwork Soul

Sorcerers are often seen as one of the finest offense-focused spellcasters in D&D. The Mechanus-influenced Clockwork Soul subclass provides a character with some great options that allow a character to protect from danger, significantly alleviating the damage a person sustains.

Although Sorcerers have access to a remarkably small hit dice, they may seem frailer than other members of a party. However, because of their ability to learn Abjuration spells from the Warlock spell list, they can reliably up-cast Armor of Agathys, providing themselves with a significant amount of bulk.

Bastian of Law, a Clockwork Soul Sorcerer, has access to up to five sorcery points to bestow a creature with a ward. This ward is capable of reducing an additional d8s worth of damage equivalent to the amount of sorcery points allocated to activate this ability. A Sorcerer of this subclass may reliably keep their allies protected by this ward, while protecting themselves through the Armor of Agathys.

1 Cleric - Forge Domain

Several subclasses on this list are capable of reliably protecting others, while others are dedicated to protecting themselves. Clerics of the Forge Domain, however, are extremely durable in their own right, while also maintaining the capability to protect their friends from harm.

These Clerics are capable of improving the armor class bonus earned by any armor by +1. Despite this, each armor worn by a Forge Domain Cleric has a +1 to armor class once they attain level 6. This allows them to consistently boast a substantial armor class, while maintaining the exceptional support spell list of the Cleric classes, which has excellent access to spells such as Shield of Faith, Protection from Evil, and the best healing options in the game.