The 5 Best Horror Comedy Streaming Series to Watch Right Now

The 5 Best Horror Comedy Streaming Series to Watch Right Now ...

Although horror movies will always have a special place in certain viewers, there is still a certain offshoot of that genre that appears to be becoming more popular by the day. However, as things get bigger on screen, people are reluctant to watch the horrors that make the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer film, however, the number of films and shows that are produced every year that qualify as horror comedy is steadily increasing.

One reason why horror series are increasing in popularity these days might be the fact that they are easier to watch if they have been out for a while. Even if a show originally started on broadcast television, they all tend to move to a streaming service later. That''s a good news for those who are looking for a good horror comedy to binge.

Ash vs Evil Dead

Through his role as Ash Williams in the original Evil Dead movie series, Bruce Williams becomes a cult icon. It''s so popular that there is now even a Evil Dead video game. However, the massive popularity of the film series allowed Ashs Deadite Killing to go to the small screen in a three-season series, in which he must confront the horde of evil spirits and demons weekly.

Ash received the help of two coworkers from his new hardware store while he was trying to impress his lady friend. Bruce Campbell continues to delight in his role as the veteran demon chaser, allowing viewers to see all three seasons of the show on Netflix.

Santa Clarita Diet

Even if the Netflix show does focus on zombie-like creatures, Santa Clarita Diet might be more different from Ash vs Evil Dead. This hilarious series, starring Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant as his husband and wife Joel and Sheila Hammond, has enticed once meek and mild Sheila. It turns out she consumed a clam that transmitted a zombie virus.

The first season of the show, which includes a different perspective on the zombie landscape, is that she will only eat human beings for nourishment, and if she fails to get her fix, she will become more feral. Perhaps because the runners were unaware if it was going to be a fourth season, the third season finale does a good job of ending the story.


In a couple of ways, iZombie features zombies that, for the most part, are capable of functioning as though they are regular humans. Nevertheless, the show, which ran for five seasons on The CW, is also a standout for its unique approach to the undead creatures. When the outbreak starts, it becomes more of a counter-culture revolution where eaters will serve specially prepared brains for the richest among the undead.

A young woman is at the heart of the zombie uprising, which takes place in modern Seattle. She was once a promising doctor until she was diagnosed with the virus. Instead, she went to work in the medical examiners office, giving her unfettered access to the brains of corpses. There is one minor flaw in removing these brains: zombies in iZombie end up taking on the memories and personalities of the people they eat.

Stan Against Evil

Stan Against Evil has some Evil Dead vibes, especially since the main character tends to fight against monsters and demons that have grown up from the depths of hell. John C. McGinleys Stan is also a bit like Ash Williams, although he is actually a bit less curmudgeonly.

However, Stan Against Evil is doing its own job, with McGinley being a recently retired sheriff who seems to be one of the only people in town who is seeing his little hamlet constantly being invaded by evil creatures on a far too regular basis. Hes joined by Janet Varney, who plays Eve after discovering the situation she had inherited. Hulu has now released its first three seasons.

What We Do In The Shadows

This FX (now available on Hulu) is about a group of vampires who are quite happy to be vampires as they live out their daily lives in the United States. While they have the capacity to fly and even modify their appearance on occasion, these vampires are not finding it all that straightforward to blend into normal life.

What We Do In The Shadows is based on the same film that featured Taika Waititi, who has been recognized as one of the most famous directors in cinema this day. It should come as no surprise that the films he''s working on now tend to blend horror or action and comedy. He left his footprint on both the film and the show versions of What We Do In The Shadows.