Exvius from Final Fantasy Brave: Best Starting Units

Exvius from Final Fantasy Brave: Best Starting Units ...

When players enter the Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, they will learn of Rain, Lasswell, and Fina in their quest to protect the great crystals of Lapis. Fortunately, this Final Fantasytitle gives players a more friendly experience. Usually, it allows some powerful units immediately as they begin their journey.

What are the most ideal starting units in the game? By the time the game offers players free pulls, here are some of the must-have units they should score.

10 Maritime Strategist Nichol

Maritime Strategist Nichol is adept at growing his allies'' prowess in combat. His best slate of abilities comes from his stat boosts (Iron, Safeguard, Furious, Demonic, Lone, Courageous, and Fortune), as well as high-cooldown buffs such as Enhancing, Heroic, and Barrier Stance.

When it comes to buffing in the early game, Nichol is a good choice to train. However, buffers aren''t particularly beneficial in the early game because of their specialized nature. By the time characters get deeper into the story, Nichol may be worthwhile before receiving updates.

9 Crown Prince Noctis

Crown Prince Noctis, who is capable of summoning weapons to attack his foes, is next in line to rule the Kingdom of Lucis. He is a Physical Attacker and is geared towards combating threats on the frontlines. Not only that, but he also has an ally revive (Comeback) and double-casting abilities on his standard array of attacks.

Quincast III, a technically well-known finisher, that combines elements and may cause status problems on foes over of reduced stats. However, unlike Cid, Noctis might be difficult to train due to his strong skills as a finisher.

8 Cid

Cid has developed into an incredible spear combatant after losing his family at an early age. He is also adept at completing off opponents with his kit, including an ailment cure (Clear Blue), heals (Air Status) and enemy attack negation.

Cid may be difficult to set up because to his somewhat more self-driving nature. Despite his capacity to take care of himself in combat, Cid is more than capable of. However, the danger in his training is a great way to begin gearing up for the endgame.

7 Heavenly Technician Lid

Lid is a debilitating enemy athlete who is looking to become an airship engineer. Her Analyze gives free enemy information, and Lid can even decrease many enemy stats (Downer Bomb Creation) by providing assistance spells to boost ally stats, such as Super Invention and Spec Guard.

Debuffers like Lid are a must-see for any party. However, players may need to wait several weeks to train Lids abilities to become viable in the long run. Although there are better Debuffers in the late game, Lid is a fantastic starter.

6 Awakened Rain

Rain is more than capable of protecting his allies, but also removing significant damage by using Escort Leader and Complete Awakening.

Rain isn''t bad at all, but its its durability that makes him the most powerful Magic Tank in the free pulls banner. While his kit isn''t as basic as his current ones, Rain is a decent starter for players who want a Magic Tank to stick with while waiting for better options.

5 Awakened Onion Knight

Awakened Onion Knight is one of the four warriors of light who are set to save the world from Chaos. In Brave Exvius, he is not just a physical attacker, but also a decent Debuffer and Support, making him quite a balanced unit. His main supporting kit comes from Precooking, and his various Adept Arts. He has a great way to diversify damage types, especially in the early game.

The Awakened Onion Knight will be a must-keep while players gather enough resources to help better damage-dealers.

4 Sieghard

Sieghard, who was once the Earth''s Veritas, is known for his admiration for his own self. Regardless, his role as a Physical Tank and a Debuffer make him a viable melee option on the battlefield. He has decent aggro-absorption via Im Gorgeous, and may immediately debuff enemies to oblivion through his various charms (Mind, Block, Full Break). Even then, Sieghard actively punishes foes through immense damage mitigation through Beautiful Off

As a Physical Tank, Sieghard develops good mitigation abilities for his team, particularly among the tanks players can acquire in the free rolls. While there are other more powerful Physical Tanks along the line, Sieghard is a practical first choice.

3 Lotus Mage Fina

Fina''s life was broken by a crystal, but she continued to develop her innate ability as a White Mage. She now has a slate of abilities that enable her to get some of the best healing possible in the early game. These abilities include Blooming Lotus, Healing Petals, Prime Heal, and Eternal Light. She also has a set of decent revives through White Lotus Dew, Reverse Hearts, and Bloom Heart.

Fina is more likely to go on her own during combat, especially with Arch Punisher, Dystopia, and Sacred Burst. Overall, Lotus Mage Fina is a great starter hybrid class to try out. Her balanced kit remains a good addition to a beginner team.

2 Folka

Folka, who became a Veritas of the Waters, is recognized as the first Water Priestess in Brave Exvius, retaining a gentle heart despite her remarkable prowess. She excels in being a Magical Attacker, despite her ability to support and heal a lot. Her most notable capabilities include Sobering Waters, Flowing Waters, and even several damage mitigated.

Folka is a professional Healer on any team. Not only is she capable of providing solid healing, but she also has the potential to provide immunizations that can help them survive difficult situations. Although not necessarily the best Healer available, Folka is more than capable of standing on her own throughout the mid-game.

1 Awakened Warrior Of Light

The first thing about the first is that the franchise''s first hero in the form of the Awakened Warrior Of Light is also capable of controlling damage via the Guardians Wall Of Light, Brave Presence 2, and Lights Healing. He also boasts powerful stat-boosters connected to attacks via Vanguard Glaive, Guard Strike, Sacred Wave, and even Protective Blade.

Awakened Warrior Of Light, arguably one of the best physical tanks in the game, is a must-get for new players. While he is not as effective in damage mitigation, he does compensate for massive damage. Players who have no access to extremely powerful Physical tanks may rely on Warrior Of Light for their tanking needs.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is available on iOS, Android, and Amazon Fire.