In the 'Top Gun,' Maverick and Iceman have the best relationship

In the 'Top Gun,' Maverick and Iceman have the best relationship ...

Top Gun: Maverick spoilers is included in the following edition of Top Gun: Maverick. Many things include the intense action of the flying sequences, the romance, the music, and the friendship between Maverick (Tom Cruise) and Goose (Anthony Edwards). However, the film''s most powerful part, leaving a lasting impression on fans and examined again in this year''s Top Gun: Maverick (Val Kilmer).

The original Top Gun is rolled out as well as many other 80s films about the good guy and the bully who butt heads, but in the end, are brought together and become friends. Maverick, and Iceman, both have a great pilot, but his carefree, risk-fearing attitude is one of the most common ways to do so. While Maverick takes everything a little too seriously enough, Maverick is not taking the whole thing seriously.

Maverick and Iceman can''t see this though, as they''re so caught up in the competition and winning. Even if Maverick decides to believe so and tell him when others wont, it''s important to make Maverick believe so and give him permission. Regardless, the top Guns are putting the hero to the test, and the villain is putting the audience on the verge of being the right.

When tragedy strikes and forces Maverick and Iceman together, the confrontation escalates. It is one of the most heartbreaking moments in film history when Goose was killed in an inflight accident. Both Maverick and Iceman were at least partially to blame. Even if they didn''t, their complicity and desire to perfection helped to spawn the accident.

Despite the fact that the gooses passing has created an unbreakable bond between them, even if neither wants it. They share something that no one else will ever be able to comprehend. When Maverick and Iceman were so invested in winning one other because they knew how amazing the other one was. Now that respect is etched in something much greater than competition.

In the films, the film climax is set where, in a scene that begins to unfold as Goose dies, Maverick comes through, working with Iceman. When we receive our sappy, you can be my wingman anytime finale, because of who is saying it. These are two individuals who were forced together by their profession. It''s a relationship that blossoms in chaos rather than a natural connection.

Maverick''s "Top Gun" sequel takes a deeper into Maverick''s and Iceman''s relationship. While Maverick has avoided promotion, Iceman has expanded to the Navys, becoming an admiral. However, he still cares about Maverick and offers him a new place when he gets himself in trouble. Would Iceman be surprised if Maverick wasn''t happy? Probably not.

When we discover why Iceman has rekindled his friendship with Maverick, he offers him instruction on Rooster, and from that, he will hopefully learn to forgive himself, it speaks to Maverick''s love, built by respect and time. It culminates in the most emotional scene of the film, when Maverick encounters a dying Iceman, who almost feels like he is a therapist.

Iceman believes Maverick to make peace with Rooster. If I send him on this mission he might never return. If I dont send him hell never forgive me. Either way I could lose him forever.

Iceman understands this. He was there when Goose died. He has had to carry that in his own way, but he was above the horizon for himself. He wants the same for Maverick. He forms out, the cursor blinking, and repeats the sentence to Maverick over and over again.

Maverick is the only person Maverick understands enough to listen to, and his success is enhanced by a dying Iceman who quits living. What happens if he does not let go of the past?

The Top Gun films are centered on its relationship. It knows, as the best action films do, that all of the fight scenes and explosions in the world aren''t just about character. However, nothing is more powerful than a film that gives us two individuals who are opposites, but develops a deep connection through the situations they live in. That''s the movie''s musical glitz.