Neptune Frost, an Afrofuturist musical, lays out a bold, unfavorable vision for a future world

Neptune Frost, an Afrofuturist musical, lays out a bold, unfavorable vision for a future world ...

This review of Neptune Frost was originally conducted in conjunction with the 2022 Sundance International Film Festival. It has been updated and republished for the films'' release in theaters and virtual cinemas.

Is this a poet''s dream? Perhaps youre questioning yourself: WTF is this? Is it a poet''s dream?

Following a tragic motorbike crash, a remarkable recovery, and a subsequent transformation, Neptune Frost is the first person to speak after a remarkable motorbike collision. Its a reasonable question, and the type viewer may at various points throughout the course of the films'' strange, circuitous odyssey.

Neptune Frost, an amazing intersex adolescent, with a tense enclave of revolutionaries and a coltan miner, who died in a tragic accident, is stowed away by an oppressive police force. There are also musical numbers!

Neptune Frost, which is based on Williams 2016 concept album MartyrLoserKing, is often complemented with ethereal electronica to form a film and universe worthy of its place alongside Sun Ras Space, and 2019s I Snuck off the Slave Ship. In particular, the costumes in the Neptune Frost, created by multidisciplinary artist Cedric Mizero, are striking, with innovative techniques, like recycled circuit boards, and even bicycle wheels to create designs that blend with eccentric.

Neptune Frost focuses more on examining the nature of boundaries and how to avoid them. Instead, it examines the delineations of class and capital, gender and sex, the powerful and exploited, and then examines how these distinctions are formed, and how they can be transformed, re-examined, and reimagined through the power of love, community, and the value of one''s labor in the global supply chain.

The high-level roles of the films, such as MartyrLoserKing, are re-written and rearranged to reflect Rwanda''s diverse cultural background. It isnt the type of musical in which people will be forced to memorize and belt out the lyrics. However, none of them would be engaging if not for the music which serves as Neptune Frost''s primary mode of exposition.

Neptune Frost is about the connection between joy and anger, between celebration and introspection, between a society and the individual. More pointedly, its a film about a disenfranchised group who use the technology their own lives and labor have assembled, and it is it is the company we continue to guide today. Our blood and sweat are used to communicate to one another, but we have never heard it before.

The film''s climax, which is characterized by an outrageous act of state violence that, rather than succeeding in its effort to outlive resistance, appears to have increased it. Neptune Frost is a bold, bizarre, and unflinchingly confident debut that allows its audience to interrogate the very real human consequences of the information age through the speculative lens of a future, both equally distinct and uncannily.

Neptune Frost will premiere in New York on June 3, with a city-to-city rollout. Check the film website for local listings and upcoming showtimes.