Chris Evans Releases a New Gray Man Image, And His Knives Out Sweater Might Have a Competition For The Best Look

Chris Evans Releases a New Gray Man Image, And His Knives Out Sweater Might Have a Competition For T ...

Scarlet Evans''s character featured Rian Johnsons as the sly Ransom Drysdale, who wears a white cable knit sweater while being completely deplorable. However, his sweater moment went viral, and did the actor just discover another memorable costume moment for The Gray Man?

The Gray Man, a popular Netflix film starring Russo Brothers, will be released this summer. Before his next role, Chris Evans has shared a look for his character Lloyd Hansen, and it''s certainly a fashion moment. Check it out:

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A photo on Instagram was posted.

Chris Evans teased the villainous character who will face off against Ryan Goslings Court Gentry, a CIA black ops mercenary, after his former colleague, Evans Hansen, is hired to take him on the run. In this movie, the Russos have already teased that the Captain America actor is Americas Asshole. It might need to go head-to-head with this Knives Out moment:

So these are the two Chris Evans villains who are going up against each other. Dont vote on this who wore it better at the moment because we haven''t seen The Gray Man yet, and the comparison might be unfair, but we should keep this in mind as we begin watching one of Chris Evans'' next films. Buzz Lightyear, who plays the camera on June 17, will be hitting theaters on June 17.

It is interesting how Chris Evans'' post-Captain America era is preparing to take risks and do something different. While wrapping his last two Avengers films, Joe Russo said, he wanted to take risks moving forward and play challenging characters.

It''s exciting to see Chris Evans so easily adopt these concepts in films such as Knives Out and The Gray Man. Check out the trailer for The Gray Man:

The film that stars Ana de Armas, Rege-Jean Page, Billy Bob Thornton, and Jessica Henwick is reportedly Netflix''s most expensive film, with a reported $200 million budget. It is likely to be another major hit for the streaming site, which collaborated with the Russos on Extraction 2020, which has since become one of the most popular Netflix original titles. The Gray Man is down on Netflix this July 15.