Skyrim and Fallout Mods Can Now Include Words "Queer" And "Lesbian"

Skyrim and Fallout Mods Can Now Include Words "Queer" And "Lesbian" ...

After an LGBTQ+ modder raised awareness of the issue, Bethesda has altered its prohibition on "lesbian" and "queer." Earlier, Skyrim and Fallout 4 mods have the ability to include these identities in their titles, no longer restricted by the profanity filter.

The Skyrim modder who made the change, XilaMonstrr, has begun the first mod on that lets users use it: Lesbians In Skyrim. Previously, queer creators would have to self-censor their language or be unable to share this content on the official website.

XilaMonstrr first raised awareness of this on Thursday, marking the beginning of pride month. In an open letter that might be integrated into Skyrim itself, Xila said, "It''s extremely important to reject our beliefs. To defend our own existence."

Continuing the statement, describing how the prohibition impacted creators, "I am a queer lesbian modder. This policy has directly impacted my ability to release content that speaks to queer people and friends. These mods are designed to bolster Bethesda''s heterocentricity, not to suppress it."

Now that Bethesda has fixed the issue, Xila is pleased with the prompt response. "Tomorrow morning I will be working on a ''Queer Character Immersion Bundle,'' which I have wanted to create for a while but have failed to. It will be the first mod on that includes the word queer in the title or description."

Cartogriffi, a Reddit user who oversees the modding industry, revealed how this happened in the first place. "It was never intended to have these terms in the filter, and has been working to resolve the issue," Cartogriffi said.

"Word filters are surprisingly complicated things. Often wires get crossed, lists become misplaced, and if formatting rules are different... well, I don''t know how many of you remember, but last July the word "the" was briefly censored."

Modders will be able to celebrate their pride month in Skyrim and the wasteland without a filter holding them back. Queer mods are well-labelled, and they will be much easier to find for fans.