The Latest Trailer for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Supports the Biggest Gimmick Rumors

The Latest Trailer for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Supports the Biggest Gimmick Rumors ...

The most recent Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer has given fans a bit to chew on, revealing several key themes about the new franchise. Perhaps the greatest eye-catcher is, like Pokemon Legends: Arceus, how much the two games focus on time. The latter looks more like an ancient lizard, while the latter is also a futuristic mechanical lizard.

Despite the fact that many people inhabit the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet for the first time, different professors are not based on trees. Professor Sada appears in Scarlet, with her name being based on the word Pasada or past. Professor Turo appears in Violet, with his name being based on the word Futuro or future.

This main theme of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has already led to a slew of rumors and speculation, some of which speculate that Koraidon and Miraidon are likely to be the same base Pokemon seen in the past and future. However, some have speculated that this is the reason why the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet region name has yet to be disclosed, because it actually has two names like the Hisui/Sinnoh connection with one region named/set in the past, and the other named/set in

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Gimmick Rumors

Rumors, speculation, and leaks have pointed to one element for the Pokemon Scarlet and Violets gimmick, which has yet to be revealed. Many believe that it will either replace one with a third type, or add a third type to the pool. The latter would no doubt be complicated, so many have led with the former. For example, a Pokemon might transition from a Fire-type to an Electric-type mid-battle.

However, the emphasis on types as seen in the giant circle in one city has allowed many fans to believe this, with many also believing that this ability is represented by a six-point star (based on the Japanese Pokemon Scarlet and Violet logos). What''s interesting about this new theme of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet very clearly ties in with this. The emphasis on time has added a new dimension to the circle and the star symbol.

Both might be able to tell time, depending on the sundial, while the star might represent the Northern Star (which can be used in conjunction with constellations to tell time). These are small limitations, but it makes sense to how much Pokemon Scarlet and Violet emphasize time.

How Gimmick rumors from Pokemon Scarlet and Violets Tie Into This Theme

The difference between the two Pokemon Scarlet and Violets Koraidon and Miraidon types is quite apparent, as many observers have revealed that both Pokemon seem to be a bit like bikes. Obviously, Koraidon is a fire-based travel, but Miraidon is a more refined form of travel based on electricity.

Koraidon might imply the past and have time pushed through them in the second game. It''s unlikely this would be technically possible for these Pokemon, but it would make sense in-game if Pokemon Scarlet caused Pokemon to shift back in time, with their elements following logically, while Pokemon Violet moved Pokemon forward in time. It''s a logical extension of Arceus''s Space-Time Distortions.

Another excellent example of this is the fact that Pokemon Pawmi is shown as an Electric-type Mouse Pokemon, but it''s difficult to ignore how it also appears like a Fire-type. While some typing might be difficult to pinpoint and some might no doubt influence how Pokemon Scarlet and Violet evolved, this might, for example, be pushed forward in Pokemon Scarlet to become Steel or pushed back in Pokemon Scarlet to become Ground depending on the Pokemon''s general design.

It''s difficult to imagine how this might work for some types like Fighting, Fairy, Dragon, and so on, so perhaps its something only certain Pokemon with certain shapes and designs might do. It is likely that every Pokemon has a Mega Evolution. It may eventually be more of a roulette wheel. It would not be surprising to see a notion of time, past and future, that tie into these the new generations gimmick.

Scarlet and Violet will be available for Nintendo Switch on November 18th.