Survivor 42 Resurrects Sias Fan Favorite Award, But What Happened to The Season 41 Snub?

Survivor 42 Resurrects Sias Fan Favorite Award, But What Happened to The Season 41 Snub? ...

Survivor''s tradition sparked some secondary recognition later on. It used to be the Sprint Player of the Year or Fan Favorite Award with dollar amounts ranging from $100,000 to $1 million. In subsequent years, it eventually became the Sia Award, a.k.a. the award, which was given to a stand-off singer from Sia, which unfortunately did not happen last year as was hoped. However, it did not happen last year as expected. I can''t help but keep an eye on that s

A Survivor 42 Sia Fan Favorite Is Crowned

On May 25, Survivor 42s finale was a mistake. Fans don''t get the win, but Maryanne Oketch surprisingly won with the renewed fan favorite award: Drea Wheeler. Check out Wheelers'' reaction to the decision on CBS'' official Twitter account here:

Watch as @Sia introduces a host of #Survivor 42 castaways with a big thank you. 31, 2022

Sia gave Drea Wheeler props for her fun and noted that during her elimination, Jeff Probst applauded Wheeler for how sportsman-like she handled the blindside. During her recovery, the Survivor 42 player immediately suffocated with the $100k award and told the singer she was literally speechless.

What About My Survivor 41 Favorite, however?

I dont want to rain on Drea Wheelers parade Im genuinely happy for her getting the Sia Award in Season 42. After all, she was a fan of discovering opportunities and being eerily omniscient at times. However, I have to tackle this old chestnut of mine, which is that Survivor 41s Shan Smith was robbed of the same accolade just prior to the reunion, although some claim the timing of the reunion has been impacted.

Im enraged by the fact that the famous Washington DC pastor hasnt until today received the proper recognition that she deserves. After all, she talked several individuals into either telling her about or abandoning them before launching them out the game. Only a blindside from Shans own alliance members (not unlike Drea Wheelers'' situation) could get her torch snuffed in the end.

Although Survivor 41 is quite different, many observers might even disagree with me and think that Xander Hastings was the greatest actor in the series, considering that his own loss on the finale night prompted a fan-made GoFundMe to reinstate the unofficial award in his honor. A lot of people out there were also supportive of Drea Wheeler throughout Season 42.

Again, personally, I''m implying that Shan Smith deserves her flowers. If Sia will not give them to her, then I will continue to do so again...sans $100k sorry, Shan. I''m no Sia.