In a new hospital video, a Vanderpump Rules star was seen wearing a head bandage

In a new hospital video, a Vanderpump Rules star was seen wearing a head bandage ...

At the end of May 2022, a Vanderpump Rules star was required to have breast augmentation surgery.

On the Behind the Velvet Rope podcast, Kent said on April 18, 2022 that he will be out for a bit, but the second that Im up and at em, I''ll be taking my new boobs out to commemorate my national bestseller book.

On May 24, 2022, the reality star posted an advertisement about what she chose to do with and discussed the reasons for her decision. However, many of her followers warned her of the potential hazards of implants.

On June 3, 2022, she shared a video of herself after an operation, coming out of anesthesia with a bandage around her head.

Here''s all you need to know about it:

In addition to breast surgery, Kent had her ears slowed again.

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Kent had a trusted plastic surgeons at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group to complete her procedure. While she was doing chores, she had her left ear fixed back, which she shared in the caption.

Some might wonder why my head is broken up. We all got caught up on boobie talk, but we neglected to mention my sweet left ear being pinned back, according to Kents caption. She added that she feels really happy after going under the knife.

According to Hopkins Medicine, the surgical procedure involves attaching ears closer to the faces of the face.

In a candid Instagram photo, Kent revealed her body in February 2022.

no matter what, we all have insecurities, and they are difficult to shake. What are some of my yalls insecurities? One of them is: My left boob is much bigger than my left, and my left ear sticks out- this one I''ve been insecure about since I was young.

Kents Video Made People Laugh

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Kent shared the hospital video to engage the public in laughing, because she was still under the effects of anesthesia and wasn''t making much sense.

The first thing she asked when her assistant, Jessica, arrived was: did I fart? She continued to say that she was groggy and just wanted to be in her own bed and watch Housewives. She added that she wanted a blow dryer in the bed to warm it and then get in it.

Given the fact that she was asleep, Kent admitted that it wasn''t surprising. When Kent was asked if she had any dreams during her surgery, she replied, no, just my eyelids.

It took too long for the comments section to fill up.

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