New Twin Babies Photos and Fans Cant Stop Laughing, According to a DWTS Finalist

New Twin Babies Photos and Fans Cant Stop Laughing, According to a DWTS Finalist ...

The twins have made one of their first major decisions.

On May 23, 2022, Lance Bass posted some new snaps of his 9-month-old twin babies wearing Backstreet Boys onesies. NSYNC, a member of the group, made a kick out of the post. The Dancing With the Stars finalist and member of the boyband, said the photos were available on his Instagram feed.

In October 2021, Bass and his husband Michael Turchin welcomed twins Alexander and Violet. Little did Bass know that his kids would be such avid boyband fans of a rival boyband. A photo of his newborns wearing I [heart] BSB onesies while they hung out in a crib was taken.

BUSTED!!!!! Looks like the twins have chosen a side. Bass captioned the Instagram post.

Here''s all you need to know about it:

Fans of Bass Twins were wearing BSB Onesies with a kick out.

Lance Bass''s post (@lancebass) is shared.

Although Bass and the NSYNC guys have a great relationship with many, if not all of the Backstreet Boys members, there was certainly a conflict back in the day, and fans were unsure about which band they thought was better. This, for those who understand the joke, makes the photo of Bass twins even more fun.

Bass jokingly said he was considering the request because he named his son after AJ McLean, the BSB member.

Fans were prompt to fill up the comment section, liking the Bass sense of humor and the expression on the baby Alexanders face.


One fan wrote this post, citing a *NSYNC song.

Team BSB keeps going forever and forever! (They''re still together and touring), as well as a colleague.

A third fan joked about the audacity. But, the team *NSYNC keeps doing so. (Can you all please get uncle JC to perform a vegas show so we can dress all future children in *NSYNC gear from Vegas?), the fan added.

Oh my gosh, you aren''t going to get a pony, either of you! No matter how freaking cute they are, which is 1000% for both of them, here''s how it works.

Bass Shared Another Interesting Post With One of the Twins

Lance Bass (@lancebass) has shared a post.

Another Instagram appearance, featuring a bass-baby fan, was also sensational. In mid-May, the former boybander shared a video holder one of his twins and using a filter that put his mouth over the baby''s mouth.

He chose Caterina Valente''s Bongo Cha Cha and when Bass sang the lyrics, it seemed like the baby was singing. That post received a ton of positive feedback as fans aspire to seeing Bass with his little ones.

When I open my Instagram, and there is IMMEDIATELY bass baby content, one Instagram user commented.

Thank you for allowing us to share this. Amazing, yet another comment is a bit confusing.

Omg. You and Michael are the finest Dads in the world, and I love this playful life with the little Munchkins, according to a third person.

This aroused me a well-needed laugh, but someone else was added as well as a narcissistic laughter emoji.