In new Prom pictures, Gabriella Giudice is all grown up and stunning

In new Prom pictures, Gabriella Giudice is all grown up and stunning ...

On June 2, 2022, Gabriella Giudice took her junior prom to the gym, but parents can''t believe how beautiful she looked. Teresa and Joe Giudice''s second-old daughter debuted a darker hair color, and chose an emerald green dress.

Gabriella is one Giudice child that prefers to stay out of the spotlight. She has appeared on The Real Housewives of New Jersey much less than her three sisters, Gia, Milania, and Audriana.

Gabriella makes very minimal appearances on her parents social media accounts. In fact, Teresa shared a photo of Gabriella at her prom, but it was removed from her Instagram feed a few minutes later. Gabriella does not have an Instagram account of her own, but it is private.

Here''s all you need to know about it:

Several people named Gabriellas Prom look stunning.

Priscilla DiStasio''s post is shared.

Gabriellas'' makeup featured a luxurious foundation, a pink eyeshadow, dramatic eyelashes, and well- manicured eyebrows. Her pout was outlined with a light brown lip liner and filled with a nude-pink hue before being removed in gloss.

Priscilla DiStasio, a mother-of-two long-time makeup artist, captured the prom look.

DiStasio, a beauty exactly as her mother, captioned a video of Gabriella.

Several messages popped up, filling up the comment section of the post.

@teresagiudice, she''s super smart, according to reports of an RHONJ newcomer Danielle Cabral.

Wow. She just looks like a supermodel. It was the finest thing she ever did, beautiful girl. Another Instagram user commented, adding a fire emoji.

Beautiful!!!! Teresa needs to have all of her perfect kids like her, thanks to a third person.

THAT DRESS!!! this girl has the most perfect look out of all the girls!!! Great pick!!!! read someone elses comment.

Gabriella plans to go to college in 2023 and will graduate from Gabriella''s school.

Priscilla DiStasio''s post has been shared.

Gabriella has been laser-focused on her academics and wants to attend college, although she may not be sure what she wants to study once she arrives.

Teresa first saw how much money they made, and she now has changed her mind. So, like, I cant wait to see what college she goes to, because she is my smartest kid. I cant wait to start looking at colleges with her and see where she reaches them in May 2022.

Gabriellas younger sister completed her junior year at Rutgers University in New Jersey. Teresa discussed the possibility of making college transition easier from a parents perspective in an interview with People magazine.

Teresa said that when kids go away to college, keep keeping active so you keep your mind off them from coming to college. When Gia was away, she explained she was supercharged with her sisters.

Teresa emphasised the importance of allowing kids to be independent, encourage them, and also giving them room.