So Far, Shikimori's Not Just a Cutie: The Biggest Differences Between the Anime and Manga

So Far, Shikimori's Not Just a Cutie: The Biggest Differences Between the Anime and Manga ...

The anime adaptation of Keigo Maki''s life romance manga, Shikimori''s Not Just a Cutie, has re-created in Japan as ''Kawaii Dake ja Nai Shikimori-san,'' although the anime is mainly thought about, particularly when it comes to life and romance, but some viewers may have noticed how different things are in the anime.

Ignorance is fairly standard for the anime adaptation of a manga to differ from its source material (hence the struggle with filler episodes in Shnen anime, for example), but some improvements are more noticeable than others, and deviating from the source material isn''t particularly the most popular option. So here''s a little recap on the difference between the anime Shikimori''s Not Just a Cutie and the anime''s character.

Short-Form vs Long Form

The vast differences between Shikimori''s characters and story is related to the manga''s administration style, often covering one event or part thereof, such as a walk to school, a trip to the movies or the planetarium, or even a simple conversation. Each chapter of the manga is extremely short, often covering just one event or part thereof, but each group focuses on bringing the sequence together, changing the context thereof or adding new features.

All episodes, including a reorganization from the first and second volumes, are trending. Nichijou or Daily Lives of High School Boys make the material and its short episodic structure neatly separated as they are in the manga, a format that might have prompted less revision. This series could also have impacted the various Izumi and Shikimori moments in a much more episodic way.

Izumi, the Unfortunate

Yu Izumi, a character of both anime and manga, is a magnet for spontaneous and unimaginable misfortune. In the anime''s first episode, we see Izumi travel and fall less than eight seconds after leaving the house to study, which isn''t something we see during the previous day. Despite his uncanny ability to reclaim injury and misfortune, the group slowly shuts down as names refuse to tease Shikimori.

Shikimori''s mother and Izumi go to school, but they fall in love with a smile as they duck backwards. In the anime, Izumori''s mother and brother go into therapy, but the professor says she isn''t afraid to confront myself as he approaches them. In the anime, the character''s protective nature and her desire to be slick.

Inuzuka, the Prominent

Shu Inuzuka, the side character of Shikimori, has made some significant changes in the manga, which shows the events from their first day as second year high school students. However, it is on this day that the bowling day is directly related to the arrival of Inuzuka.

Notably, in the manga equivalent of the day they discover their class groupings, Inuzuka is nowhere to be found as this occurs long before his introduction. It must be said that Inuzuka''s increased self-interest in the anime has made him the main character for many notable events so far, including Izumi and Shikimori''s visits to the movies which, in the manga, performed well before his introduction to the story. His appearance has and will continue to feature as part of several changes from the original manga.

The Big Basketball Bout

In the second episode of the series, we notice Izumi and Shikimori''s interactions before and after their respective matches, but even the anime-exclusive content is not anime-exclusive. Firstly, we notice that Izumi and Shikimori''s interactions with Kamiya are completely dismantled, although Kamiya is only visible in Chapter 39 of the manga. Since we don''t see much of Shikimori''s confrontation with her, we notice that her boyfriend cheers her on.

Hyper-Competent Shikimori

Shikimori and Izumi return to the game while chanting, posing danger to Izumi; however, in the anime, she only pulls him closer, exploiting physical aggression to shock Izumi and save him at the same time. It must be noted that the Shikimori of the manga is far less protagonized than the ones used to be so overpowered.

As a result of Shikimori''s enticing ability to perform superhuman feats more heavily than the manga, the anime has spliced in several ways, including discovering her coolness in much less exaggerated areas.