The VR port in Resident Evil Village might bring Lady Dimitrescu Memes back in a big way

The VR port in Resident Evil Village might bring Lady Dimitrescu Memes back in a big way ...

June is already shaping up to be a big month for gaming, with new gameplay updates in the next few weeks and highlights that promise to deliver some exciting new announcements and exciting insights into games already in the works. Along with Capcom''s confirmation that a Resident Evil 8 remake would be released, the publisher said. The game, also known as Resident Evil 8, was a massive addition to the franchise, and the VR port, however, was also a welcome surprise.

While Resident Evil Village''s action-focused gameplay, a folklore-inspired setting, and classic franchise elements of puzzles and scares were all praised, some of the game''s characters featured prominently. While Resident Evil Village had its share of memorable monsters and grotesque enemy designs from the first glance, Lady Dimitrescu and her statuesque physique remained the greatest strengths. With the official confirmation that Resident Evil Village VR is now available for PS5, gamers will be able to get much more

Lady Dimitrescu''''s Memeable Design

Sometimes, characters will capture the imaginations of players and create their own lives outside their games. Before Resident Evil Village had even been released, Lady Dimitrescu (and to a lesser extent, her daughters) had reached a level of online fame that not a lot of video game characters may achieve, even when their games have been out for a while. Her glaring smile, her stunning appearance, and the depth of her character, all prompted her to move from the realm of the game to the heady heights of meme

Lady Dimitrescu''s 9''6" frame is certainly eye-catching, but there was something about the monstrous vampire and her commanding presence that made players truly admirable. However, Lady Dimitrescu isn''t even the main Big Bad from Resident Evil Village. But despite the short length of her time in the game, she makes an impression that is even greater.

Lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village VR

A short film from PlayStation''s state of play featured the first-person virtual reality gameplay while giving viewers a peek at Resident Evil Village in its PSVR 2. It was no surprise that Capcom understands the power that Lady Dimitrescu already has on players, and highlighting that she will soon be able to experience her entire height from such an immediate perspective will no doubt pique the interest of many gamers.

Fans of Resident Evil Village will be able to experience the thrills and chills of the game once more, but adding a VR perspective to the proceedings will help increase the horror and scarcity of the survival horror. However, the ability to truly gaze up at Lady Dimitrescu''s stubbornly pale face as she approaches them will inevitably result in a fresh wave of memes.

The PS5 version of Resident Evil Village VR is in development.