Barbarian Rage in Dungeons & Dragons

Barbarian Rage in Dungeons & Dragons ...

Barbarians are among the most beginner-friendly courses in Dungeons & Dragons. Rather than requiring a player to manage a character''s list of spell slots, Barbarians tend to get trapped, dealing significant damage to a party''s foes, while diverting attacks toward themselves and soaking up hits.

Unconcerned about the level a Barbarian may be, one of the most significant elements of the class is its iconic rage. As a Barbarian''s rage is once more a key element of the class, so here''s how to get the most out of it. In this video, we''ll look at everything you need to know about a Barbarian''s rage in D&D!

What Is Rage And Why Is It Important?

As soon as a character enters its first level of the Barbarian class, they gain the ability to enter into a ferocious rage that enhances their combative abilities. Activatable as a bonus action, a character may enter a rage several times depending on their level. Here, the number of rages a Barbarian can enter, based on their level.

Levels 1-2 2 Rages
Levels 3-5 3 Rages
Levels 6-11 4 Rages
Levels 12-16 5 Rages
Levels 17-19 6 Rages
Level 20 Unlimited

While aging, a character gains several benefits. Out of Strength checks and saving throws on advantage, a raging character deals additional damage determined by their level whenever he hits with a weapon attack, and they gain resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage.

While many new players might get a sense of the improved damage output that rage provides, resistance to the three most common types of damage is not a game concept that should be avoided.

As a character would cover half of damage from these kinds, a Barbarian can maintain damage equal to twice their maximum HP in many combat encounters, thereby increasing their already massive pool of hit points. Here is what the damage bonus a Barbarian gains while raging

Levels 1-8 +2
Levels 9-15 +3
Levels 16-20 +4

While Barbarians aren''t capable of performing spells by default, it''s important to note that a character is incapable of casting spells or focusing on spells when raging. Finally, for those who have gained proficiency in heavy armor, all benefits of rage are completely negated when heavy armor is worn, thus it''s advised to not use such armor when playing as a Barbarian.

If a Barbarian is near to a foe, it''s best to reach out to it. This allows a Barbarian to ensure that their damage output is maximised, while providing themselves with extra durability.

Keeping Rage Active And Raging Out Of Combat

While the effects of rage are staggering and worth utilizing, a Barbarian''s rage lasts for a limited period of time and can only be maintained under specific conditions. First and foremost, the maximum duration of a Barbarian''s rage is one minute, which means to ten turn rotations in combat. However, there are several ways for this minute-long duration to be reduced short.

Because one might expect, it''s quite difficult to stay angry when you''re not awake, therefore if a Barbarian gets knocked unconscious, their rage ends early. More notably, if a Barbarian''s turn ends, and they''ve neither attacked or taken damage since their last turn, their rage also ends.

This means that for keeping one''s rage constant, one must obstructively attack their foes each turn, or ensure they''re in the front lines, taking at least one hit each turn rotation. When things become unpredictable and a Barbarian isn''t reliably hit by foes, or if they need to use their actions for something other than dealing damage, maintaining rage can be tricky.

When it comes to rage outside of combat, it is quite important to know. As rage''s ability to provide a Barbarian with advantage on Strength checks, it allows a character to more reliably perform a herculean feat of strength outside of combat. However, as doing so likely does not entail a character attacking or taking damage, this often implies that a Barbarian will be spending one of their daily rages on advantage for a single ability check.

Improving Rage

It should be no surprise that several Barbarian subclasses increase the benefits of one''s rage. While some of these benefits enhance a Barbarian''s damage output, others provide their defensive choices.

When in the midst of a fire, Zealot Barbarians can deal additional Radiant or Necrotic damage to their foes, as well as Beast Barbarians gain additional attack options through access to various types of natural weapons, and Berserker Barbarians can make attacks as a bonus action at the expense of exhaustion.

More defensive Barbarians like Totem Warriors who choose the Bear totem gain resistance to all damage types, except for psychic when raging, and Barbarians of the Path of the Ancestral Guardian can make it difficult for foes to harm one''s friends as long as the Barbarian at hand is raging.