Apex Legends has the finest Legends to play on the Party Crasher Arenas map

Apex Legends has the finest Legends to play on the Party Crasher Arenas map ...

Party Crasher is one of the most popular Arenas maps in Apex Legends, and it has been added to the map rotation list for Ranked Arenas this season. Similar to other Arenas maps, Party Crasher has two distinct POIs that enable players to engage in close to mid-range combat. We have played on this map with every Legend, and players will need to know the best team compositions to win every round on Party Crasher.

Apex Legends'' Best Offensive Legends to Play on Party Crasher

In the game, there are several Offensive Class Legends, but no one comes close to Octane in terms of raw speed. Octane''s abilities enable an entire team to rotate from one area to another by using the Jump-pad. Similar, Octanes speed cannot be countered by any other Legend, making him an effective ally capable of fumbling opponents easily.

Horizon is a defensive legend capable of outmaneuver other characters by gaining a height advantage. Her tactical ability allows the entire team to reach a higher position, and her ultimate ability creates a vortex that draws in opponents.

Apex Legends will feature the best Recon Legends to play on Party Crasher.

Bloodhound is undoubtedly the finest Recon Legend to play on Apex Legends'' party Crasher map. His tactic ability reveals the enemy''s location to teammates, and Bloodhound can also track these enemies footsteps. Keep scanning the area every four seconds while using Bloodhound''s to spearhead a well-coordinated rush.

Party Crasher is a map with a lot of open area, thus a Recon Legend like Crypto will have a great time finding enemies. Use Crypto''s drone to reveal the enemy''s position, even if they are on the opposite POI. Similarly, Crypto''s Ultimate can stun an entire team if its placed correctly, and this makes it a perfect tool to punch an entry with your teammates.

In Apex Legends, the best support Legends will be used on Party Crasher.

Lifeline and Loba are the only support Legends in the game. We advise players to select Lifeline to assist teammates with passive heals and quick revives. Although, veteran Loba players can also dominate on the Party Crasher map by using the Legends'' abilities craftily.

Apex Legends has the best Defensive Legends to play on party Crasher.

If you are pursuing a Defensive Legend in this map, Gibraltar is also eligible for an arm-shield. This makes him the best choice to support teammates from close and long range. In Arenas, Gibraltar Ultimate is expensive, but it is the best thing to have during intense matchups. Position your team inside the zone strategically to have the upper hand.

In an open map like Party Crasher, Rampart has the ability to create cover out of thin air, making her the perfect Defensive Legend. POIs opposite to each other on the map are conveniently positioned to set up Rampart''s Amped cover. Your teammates can shoot through these walls with amplified damage. It''s extremely useful on this map.

While we recommend the above Legends for Ranked Arenas, players who have advanced abilities or want to try out new Legends can always select them on this map. Make an informed decision about the map layout, and make sure you understand the target routes.