Toxicity, Not Paying Workers, and Misleading Fans Have Been Accredited Of Toxicity

Toxicity, Not Paying Workers, and Misleading Fans Have Been Accredited Of Toxicity ...

Blue Box Game Studios'' Abandoned is the Schrodinger''s cat of video games. It simultaneously exists and doesn''t exist until you expose the studio. According to a recent study, however, we learned much more about Hasan Kahraman, the game''s main protagonist. According to this study, half a dozen people have claimed that the game almost exists in a playable way.

Due to the vast amount of information in the report, we have a separate breakdown of the game''s actual state, so you should check that out for context.

According to reports, whenever the game was scheduled to be presented at a video game festival, like the Summer Games Fest or the Future Games show, things would likely get delayed for Blue Box, and Kahraman was quick to blame anyone and everyone but himself.

As for the ten most common leaks we''ve seen in recent months, Kahraman reportedly curated a chatroom complete with people with whom he''d share information. The group was forced to sign a vague NDA of sorts before it would receive any information, although what they expected would be exclusive access, left them as clueless as those of us on the outside. Kahraman would continuously deny or refute any of the leaked information he had shared with the group, leaving everyone dissatis

Eventually, he changed his mind about sharing things with the group via voice messages, where one source informed GameSpot that "the most outrageous things were said," leaving one of the members feeling "hurt." He allegedly shared a romantic relationship with one of the members of the group, promising to pay them for PlayStation trophies related artwork.

"It''s been "toxic" since last fall, but the group has maintained one commonality," according to the report, which includes a lot more information. "What began as a space for eager fans to socialize with the creator of a game that was in the spotlight had become more like a pledge of allegiance and secrecy to someone who behaves in a hostile manner."